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Supporting Industrial Pollution Abatement in Lebanon
Supporting Industrial Pollution Abatement in Lebanon

CATEGORY: Environment, Industrial Pollution


START/END: 2013-2014


CLIENT: Plan Bleu pour l' Environnement et le Développement en Méditerranée

ORIGIN OF FUNDING: Plan Bleu pour l' Environnement et le Développement en Méditerranée

PARTNERS: Edessa SAL (Lebanon)



Supporting Industrial Pollution Abatement in Lebanon

Type of Services



The services provided by LDK include the following:

  • Conduct site visits for 11 industries at several locations around Lebanon;
  • Prepare a major findings report right after the site visits, to flag up key issues identified at the facilities visited;
  • Conduct necessary follow up to the industries for collection of supplementary information
  • Prepare a tailor made measurements campaign for each industry, to include a list of parameters to be sampled, sampling locations, sampling conditions, sampling methodology, as well as analysis instructions for each specific industry involved;
  • Submit the Audit reports, in line with the Environmental Audit guidelines published in the country to include:

- an Environment Management Plan (EMP) and
- a Compliance Action Plan (CAP) suggesting pollution abatement projects, suitable for each case of industry involved. Pollution abatement suggestions involved the selection of environmental technologies/equipment to address non-compliance issues and bad practices, the financing of which would be covered LEPAP/World Bank.
- Health and Safety observations and improvement suggestions.

Staff Provided:

Mrs Evie Litou – Team Leader

Mr Fotis Evangelatos – Wastewater Expert

Mr Nikolaos Orfanoudakis – Air pollution Expert




This project forms part of a greater effort, conceived to foster the integration of environmental issues into sectorial and development policies in Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia and potentially of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and West Bank and Gaza (potential Beneficiaries), the "Regional – Governance and knowledge generation Project". The regional project is implemented under "Plan Bleu" and further initiatives, such as LEPAP (Lebanon Pollution Abatement Project) for reducing pollution in Lebanon and at the same time, providing financial incentives for compliance with the environmental legal framework.

This project will contribute towards promoting maturity for the funding process under LEPAP, for 11 industries, in view of pollution abatement, by way of completing some necessary steps to be taken. The necessary steps to be taken involve a series of information on the needs of each industry for the improvement of their environmental performance and impacts on the immediate and greater environment.

The general objective of this project is to provide support to a total of 11 enterprises identified to apply for financing under LEPAP. The industrial sectors to be covered include: food industry, printing, automation, cosmetics, cable manufacturing, metallic products, paper industry, mattresses production. MoE and EFL (GIZ's Environmental Fund for Lebanon) will agree on joint criteria for the selection of 11 industries, which will benefit from the TA assessment under this assignment.

Moreover, the specific objective of the project is to provide further technical assistance with regards to industrial pollution abatement, to cover the following activities:

  • Provide an analysis of the environmental status of the industrial facility and its compliance with all Lebanese environmental regulations;
  • Develop/Update Environmental Audits (EA) for 11 industries and ensure that the EAs reflect the existing fact sheets and detailed technical notes prepared by EFL or existing EAs;
  • Prepare an Environment Management Plan (EMP) and a Compliance Action Plan (CAP) as part of the EA report for the same 11 industries.

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