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INOGATE: Technical secretariat and coordinator`s network, Central Asia and Caucasus countries
INOGATE: Technical secretariat and coordinator`s network, Central Asia and Caucasus countries

CATEGORY: Energy, Investments, Markets, Strategy & Policy, Transmission & Distribution Networks, Power Generation, CHP, District Heating, Rational Use of Energy, Socioeconomic development, Economic Development

LOCATION: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

START/END: 2005-2008


CLIENT: European Commission


PARTNERS: EIR; GreeceLouis Berger; EREC-European Renewables Energy Council



INOGATE: Technical secretariat and coordinator`s network, Central Asia and Caucasus countries

Type of Services

Four Working Groups (WGs) were established in the framework of INOGATE`s EU-Black Sea- Caspian Sea Energy cooperation and as agreed at the Baku Conference.

The four Working Groups, chaired by the European Commission, were mandated to deal with the following topics of common interest:
WG1: Harmonisation of Legal, Regulatory and Institutional framework for market liberalisation;
WG2: Enhancing Safety and Security of Energy Transportation Networks;
WG3: Sustainable development;
WG4: Investment Attraction and Project Facilitation.

LDK participated in specific activities for all WGs and was responsible for the outcome of WG1 and WG2. In particular, assigned activities included:

  • review the existing energy policy framework of the INOGATE beneficiary countries;
  • benchmarking and rehabilitation reports regarding electricity and oil and gas sector;
  • official Road Maps regarding the harmonisation of the electricity, oil and gas sectors and the enhancement of security and safety of supply, for the INOGATE countries;
  • coordination and guidance of activities of the working groups;
  • assistance to the European Commission in planning and organising WG meetings and brief and support the Commission officials;
  • assistance with documentation provision before and after the WG meetings.



The overall objective of this project was to facilitate and increase trade and investment flows in the rehabilitation of existing and development of new oil and gas transportation infrastructures linking Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia to the European Union. The view is to enhance the safety and security of the energy supply within the regions themselves and to Europe.

Specific objectives of the project were:Objective 1:Consolidation of the already operational INOGATE Technical Secretariat in Kiev and its strengthening and expansion by the creation of two new coordination offices of the Secretariat, in the Caucasus (Tbilisi) and Central Asia (Tashkent), with the view to facilitate investments in regional oil and gas transportation infrastructure projects, contributing to the implementation of the INOGATE Umbrella Agreement.

Objective 2:Promotion of IFI investment and private sector involvement in key oil and gas transportation infrastructure projects, while advocating for transparency and the necessary institutional reforms.

Objective 3:
Improvement of security and safety of oil and gas transport by undertaking capacity building programmes on safety and environmental standards benefiting key oil and gas industry personnel in partner countries.

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