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EBMIP: Efficient and Better Managed Industrial Processes, Romania & Bulgaria
EBMIP: Efficient and Better Managed Industrial Processes, Romania & Bulgaria

CATEGORY: Energy, Investments, Strategy & Policy, Rational Use of Energy

LOCATION: Bulgaria, Romania

START/END: 2002-2004


CLIENT: European Commission - DG Transport & Energy

ORIGIN OF FUNDING: European Commission - DG Transport & Energy




EBMIP: Efficient and Better Managed Industrial Processes, Romania & Bulgaria

Type of Services

Services provided by LDK included:

  • evaluation of the existing situation and forecast of the Greek industry;
  • proposal of key recommendations for the alignment of the legislation in Romania and Bulgaria with the EU legislation;
  • elaboration of a methodology for energy audits in industries;
  • elaboration of a methodology for financial analysis, and completion of financial analysis of audited companies;
  • market strategy for the promotion of modern energy efficient technologies;
  • organisation of training courses;
  • preparation of awareness campaign.



The aim of this project was the dissemination of information in Romania and Bulgaria, concerning modern and efficient EU technologies for industry, increasing the general awareness and the level of implementation of the efficient technologies, as well as creating a framework that enables the project to be replicated in the neighbouring countries.

The project was realised in three work packages (WPs), as in the following:WP1: Evaluation of the actual situation in industry, presentation of energy / environmental national legislation and compatibility with EU legislation, and evaluation of the scientific research on national and international scale. At the end of this phase appropriate strategies regarding implementation of energy efficient technologies were summarised.

WP2: Energy audits were conducted within representative industrial companies in Romania and Bulgaria. Following the audits, financial analyses were carried out in order to substantiate investment opportunities in the most viable and applicable technologies.

WP3: This stage involved the dissemination of the findings of the project, through the elaboration of a database comprising all data obtained during a marketing study on efficient energy technologies, and connecting it to the European informational grid through the internet. Additional specific promotion activities were implemented, such as information brochures and leaflets, training seminars and workshops and dissemination of the results through the participation in local / regional forums.

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