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Market rules and market design in the power market, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Market rules and market design in the power market, Bosnia & Herzegovina

CATEGORY: Energy, Markets, Strategy & Policy

LOCATION: Bosnia & Herzegovina

START/END: 2001-2007


CLIENT: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)


PARTNERS: SNC-Lavalin; Manitoba Hydro; SECOR Conseil; Power Budd; Stikeman Elliott; Power Pool of Alberta; Econoler International; Economic Consulting Associates



Market rules and market design in the power market, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Type of Services

Services provided by LDK included consultancy and technical expertise for the:

  • power market design and harmonisation with the Grid Code;
  • analysis of critical issues related to the Day Ahead market, the balancing market and the Ancillary Services settlement in order for a smooth transition to the new market operation;
  • development and implementation of detailed Market Rules (Trading & Settlement Code);
  • drafting of initial contracts for Ancillary Services procurement;
  • development of pricing code;
  • support for the adaptation into the new power market environment.



The project consisted part of the South-east European Electrical System Technical Support Project (SEETEC), which aimed to foster economic growth in South-eastern Europe by improving management, delivery and rational use of electricity in the region. The aim of this task was to provide expertise and consulting services to the Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) market regarding the formation and development of adequate Rules and Codes for the operation of the electricity market under a liberalised regime. Bosnia & Herzegovina`s power market was under a major reorganisation aiming at the integration of the power systems of the three areas forming the BiH state, in parallel with the ongoing liberalisation and privatisation process.

Within this frame, one of the targets of the SEETEC project was to provide technical support to BiH, in order to create vibrant power market conditions in accordance with the EU provisions for liberalised markets and thus fostering further economic development of the state.

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