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CARDS Environment Sector: Technical assistance for programme preparation, Croatia
CARDS Environment Sector: Technical assistance for programme preparation, Croatia

CATEGORY: Environment


START/END: 2004-2005

CLIENT: Delegation of the European Commission to Croatia


CARDS Environment Sector: Technical assistance for programme preparation, Croatia

Type of Services

Provided services included:
- review and assessment of relevant background information/documentation available within the beneficiary institution, including policy documents, laws, procedures, etc on the current state of affairs in the field of the project;
- compilation of information on existing donor funded or national funded initiatives in the field or which have a relevance with the project scope, identify complementarities, overlaps and needs for coordination;
- consultation of all public institutions involved in the project, identification of key persons, clarification of roles and responsibilities, accumulation of information and documentation on ongoing processes in these institutions affecting the project;
- identification of other stakeholders affected by the project and perform stakeholder analysis;
- assessment and analysis of the objectives of the proposed project in light of the current situation and the information gathered during consultations;
- carry out of a needs assessment of the project beneficiaries, the other institutions and the identified stakeholders with regards to the objectives of the project.
- proposals on modifications to the project design and formulation of the specific objectives that could be achieved;
- identification of the activities to be undertaken in the projects and proposals on adequate experts inputs, delivered outputs and expected results;
- discussion on the assessment results and the proposed project design with key people amongst the beneficiary institution and other stakeholders, collection of further comments and build consensus.
- based on the final comments and agreement reached, provision of support to the Project Implementation Unit in elaborating the Terms of Reference (ToR) according to the required format, including a Logical Framework matrix and proposal on a budget breakdown;
- provision of assistance to the PIU for the additional preparation of the project environment before the project starts (workshops, seminars, etc.).
LDK was responsible for the overall project management and for Project 1. The later had the following specific outputs:
1. Improved implementation of water management legislation and areas for further approximation to EU requirements identified;
2. Improved institutional set up and clarified definition of roles and responsibilities between all relevant stakeholders;
3. Assessed institutional, legal as well as financial requirements for compliance with specific EU water Directives, in particular the UWWT Directive, to improve knowledge of the process and develop human, institutional capacity;
4. Improved knowledge of the process and developed human, institutional capacity for conducting horizontal impact assessment for the priority areas;
5. Improved knowledge of the process and developed human, institutional capacity for development of Compliance plan for the UWWT Directive;
6. Draft strategy for Approximation of EU water legislation developed and agreed among stakeholders, accepted by the MoAFWM.


The objective of this project was the adequate preparation for the tendering of the projects, within CARDS 2003 Programme, which involved:
1. Project design and project environment prepared and adequate to the current situation;
2. Project beneficiaries and stakeholders actively involved in the preparation and aware of the project, necessary coordination for project implementation established;
3. Terms of Reference elaborated.
The three projects were the following:
Project 1: State Water Directorate - Approximation of Croatian water management legislation with the EU water acquis;
Project 2: MEPPP - Environmental Assessment of Development Strategies;
Project 3: MEPPP - Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines and training.
Within this project support was given in the implementation of the following activities regarding the preparation of the projects: identifying key players, defining roles and responsibilities, initiating adequate inter-ministerial and stakeholder consultations, perform stakeholder analysis and needs assessments, project designing and structuring, clarifying coordination with ongoing or planned projects, as a basis for drafting of the Terms of Reference.
Workshops, brainstorming and presentations on the themes address by the CARDS 2003 projects (Water legislation, EIA, SEA, etc) were organised in order to fulfil the project activities and ensure adequate participation, and also to raise awareness and knowledge of the people involved in the process.

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