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Sewerage & wastewater strategic master plan, Montenegro
Sewerage & wastewater strategic master plan, Montenegro

CATEGORY: Environment

LOCATION: Montenegro

START/END: 2003-2004

CLIENT: European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR)


Sewerage & wastewater strategic master plan, Montenegro

Type of Services

LDK worked on the following tasks and outputs:
text and tables concerning land use, population and water and wastewater demand studies, the Asset Inventory, Environmental Impact, Industry Effluents, impact of On–Site Sanitation. Also text and tables concerning technical aspects about future Wastewater and Sanitation Requirements, prioritization/ ranking for the program, implementation schedule, costs, financing plan, institutional aspect, review planning and design guidelines.


The Sewerage and Wastewater Master Plan cover the Central and Northern Regions (the Study Area). The target groups in the project area include rural villages, individual residential, commercial and industrial establishments in rural areas, urban towns and areas and other sources of wastewater discharge.
The Study Area's main population centres are Podgorica, Niksic, Andrijevica, Bijelo, Polje, Berane, Danilovgrad, Plav, Pljevlja, Pluzina, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Zabljak, Rozaje and Savnik.
Within the framework of this project, the consultant prepared a comprehensive sewerage and wastewater master plan for the project area, taking into consideration existing facilities, plans, institutional structures, etc. and covering a planning horizon of 25 years. The Master Plan proposes projects to improve and rehabilitate wastewater collection and treatment and disposal facilities and include cost estimates for budgeting purposes.
The main objectives of the project can be summarized to the following:
1. To develop land use zoning and associate population, water consumption and wastewater production, all in digital format.
2. To compile an Asset Inventory of all existing sewerage infrastructure.
3. To review, assess and suggest modifications to relevant National legislation.
4. To review and assess the Planning and Design Manual for Wastewater and Sanitation.
5. To identify and evaluate the impact on Public Health of the current wastewater disposal practices.
6. To predict future needs for wastewater and sanitation facilities in the main population centres.
7. To estimate volumes of sludge production and co-ordinate the results with the Solid Waste Master plan.
8. To recommend appropriate wastewater disposal measures for all settlement centres and prioritise them.
9. To prepare a Programme of Projects for implementation in three phases.
10. To prepare a staged Implementation Schedule and Financing Plan for the 25 year planning period.
11. To develop a Rural Sanitation Programme for all settlements where on-site sanitation is proposed.
12. To propose appropriate institutional and management organisations to implement, operate and maintain the proposed works.

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