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Support to Energy Market Integration and Sustainable Energy in the NIS (SEMISE), NIS Countries
Support to Energy Market Integration and Sustainable Energy in the NIS (SEMISE), NIS Countries

CATEGORY: Energy, Investments, Markets, Strategy & Policy, Transmission & Distribution Networks, Power Generation, CHP, District Heating, Renewable Energy Sources, Rational Use of Energy, Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Socioeconomic development, Economic Development

LOCATION: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

START/END: 2009-2012


CLIENT: European Commission, Europaid

ORIGIN OF FUNDING: European Commission, Europaid

PARTNERS: Ramboll; EIR; European Renewables Energy Council (EREC)



Support to Energy Market Integration and Sustainable Energy in the NIS (SEMISE), NIS Countries

Type of Services

Services provided by LDK in the frame of the project, include:

Component 1: Support to convergence of the energy markets in the region:

  • Preparation of a collective strategy to remove obstacles on energy markets convergence by the Partner Countries;
  • Provision of ad hoc expertise on fields such as the revision of energy policy, regulation and tariff setting, harmonisation of codes, norms, standards and legislation, energy balances and the development of regional energy infrastructure interconnections;
  • Institutional capacity to the Partner Countries on issues related to developing integrated energy markets;

Component 2: Investment facilitation:

  • Analysis of legal investment frameworks of the Partner Countries, with a view to identifying ways and means to improve them and better attract investments in the energy sector;
  • Contacts and exchanges with organisations and associations on gas, oil, EE, RES in the region;
  • Identification of opportunities for new energy projects, especially regional infrastructure interconnections;
  • Investment project preparation facility and cooperation frameworks with regional/multilateral IFIs;

Component 3: Promotion and assistance to the implementation of sustainable energy policies:

  • Development of a collective strategy and an Ad Hoc Expert Facility to support the implementation of policies ;
  • Assistance to the Partner Countries on defining and implementing sustainable energy policies, including empowerment of energy efficiency agencies and energy services companies (ESCOs) and developing economic incentives and disincentives to support such policies;
  • Assistance to Partner Countries in accessing the financial resources available to support sustainable energy investments at the local, regional and international levels;
  • Targeted capacity-building schemes in areas of sustainable energy, e.g. energy auditing and accreditation, in cooperation with other projects covering these aspects as well as with bilateral EC projects in the energy sector;
  • Information seminars and awareness-raising campaigns organised targeting public authorities from different sectors as well as business representatives, aiming at increasing interest for energy efficiency and RES.


The specific objectives of the project are the following:

  • Identifying the gaps and the obstacles impeding progress towards regional energy market convergence as well as ways of improving and accelerating the convergence process at regional and sub-regional levels, by contributing to supporting the development of stable and secure energy relationships between Partner Countries and between these and the EU, and by encouraging the adoption of compatible legislation and regulatory practices, common technical standards as well as statistical data collection and forecasting systems (in relation, for example, to energy demand and energy balance);
  • Supporting energy investments, notably by contributing to creating a more conducive business environment for investments, helping in the development of regional energy infrastructure interconnections, establishing collaborative links with energy companies, lending institutions and representatives of the business sector, in conjunction with the ITS, identifying project opportunities and making project preparation services available to financing institutions such as the EIB and the EBRD, while paying the highest attention to sustainable development considerations;
  • Promoting the development of sustainable energy policies and assisting the Partner Countries in their implementation, with a particular focus on the promotion of demand-side management, energy efficiency in all pertinent sectors, renewable energies, and the mitigation of the negative impact of energy-related activities on the environment.

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