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Energy Efficiency (EE) and Thermal Building Refurbishment Project in Yerevan, Armenia
Energy Efficiency (EE) and Thermal Building Refurbishment Project in Yerevan, Armenia

CATEGORY: Energy, Investments, Renewable Energy Sources, Rational Use of Energy, Socioeconomic development, Public Administration

LOCATION: Yerevan, Armenia

START/END: 2016 - 2019

CLIENT: European Investment Bank (EIB)

ORIGIN OF FUNDING: European Investment Bank (EIB)

PARTNERS: Centre for Renewable and Energy Saving (CRES), GR




Energy Efficiency (EE) and Thermal Building Refurbishment Project in Yerevan, Armenia

Type of Services

LDK is providing assistance via:

  • finalisation of a project’s proposal based on preliminary agreements between the Municipality and the EIB.
  • provision of TA to the Municipality of Yerevan and EIB in defining/preparing the project (pilot phase).

More specifically within the following components:

  • Feasibility study aiming to propose a Municipal strategy on Energy Efficiency investment in the city of Yerevan and providing all required input for the implementation of this strategy as well as a pilot investment plan. Actions include:
  • Assessment of data and site visits
  • Selection of a priority lists of buildings to be refurbished
  • Setting up forms and standards for energy audits and energy performance certificates
  • Performance of 3-5 pilot energy audits at municipal buildings (schools, kindergartens, hospitals);
  • Determination of technical scope of works including EE measures for the refurbishment of the building shell as well as horizontal EE measures (lighting, solar, improvement of heat generation-distribution systems etc.)
  • Survey on structural conditions of the buildings and assessment of needed interventions in term of seismic safety and accessibility for disabled persons
  • Selection of optimal mix of buildings to be rehabilitated
  • Set-up a pay-back mechanism for the residential sector and risks mitigation measures;
  • Procurement support
  • Development of procurement arrangements to implement the proposed Energy Efficiency projects;
  • Assistance in preparation of tender documents and technical specifications for services and works’ contracts.    


  • Project implementation Manual
  • Development of a practical Project Implementation Manual;
  • Assistance in set up and functioning of a project management unit.

  • Implementation support
  • Follow up and propose the required improvements, adaptations of programmes/ procedures/strategy during the initial implementation phase (12 months) of the EE projects.
  • Building the technical capacity, awareness and standards relative to energy efficiency issues in public buildings sector amongst the local stakeholders and within the Municipality.


The overall objective of the assignment is to assist EIB and the Municipality of Yerevan  (MoY) in preparing effectively the pilot phase of an ambitious multi-donor funded programme for the rehabilitation of buildings in Yerevan which at the first stage (16 MEUR), will focus on public buildings EE measures especially on thermal refurbishment.

The specific objectives of the assignment are:

  • To increase the technical capacity, awareness and standards related to energy efficiency issues in the Municipality and in public buildings sector in general amongst the Armenian stakeholders;
  • To carry pilot energy audits for selected public buildings and facilities. These energy audits will be used to prepare the procurement of future energy audits needed to define the precise scope of further refurbishment/EE works.
  • To establish a feasible pilot investment programme, identifying and prioritising investment measures in compliance with applicable technical specifications and standards and define the implementation framework;
  • To set-up a pay-back mechanism for the residential sector as well as the relevant measures to mitigate the main risks identified in this sector;

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