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Lykovouni Onshore Wind Farm, Greece
Lykovouni Onshore Wind Farm, Greece

CATEGORY: Environment, Impact Assessment

LOCATION: Lykovouni, Greece

START/END: 2017 - 2019


ORIGIN OF FUNDING: Volterra S.A. (J&P Avax Group)




Lykovouni Onshore Wind Farm, Greece

Type of Services

  • Identification of project-related E&S impacts as well as risks;
  • Description of associated E&S baseline together with the risks posed by the project’s implementation (including whether the project could trigger Category A requirements); Particular attention on biodiversity and stakeholder engagement;
  • Compliance with Bank’s requirements (as defined in the ESP), including a Compliance Summary table with the Banks’ PRs;
  • Preparation of Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) and Non-Technical Summary (NTS);
  • Identification, if any, additional studies required to cover relevant aspects in greater detail (e.g. biodiversity, resettlement, retrenchment etc.).


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) considers to provide finance for the construction and operation of the onshore Lykovouni WF, located in central Greece.  The project is found 70 km northwest of Athens within a public forested area in “Kastro-Lykovouni”, extending between the borders of Voiotia and Evia regional (municipalities of Thiva, Chalkida and Tanagra). The substation of the wind park will be located within agricultural land.  Approximately 10 km on the west of the project’s site the protected sites of Wildlife Reserve “Ktypas (Vatheos-Avlidas-Loukision Mourikiou)” and the Natura 2000 SAC site GR2410001 “Limnes Yliki kai Paralimni-Systima Voiotikou Kifisou” are located.

LDK was appointed by EBRD to carry out the Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) including the  Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) for the project, with the objective to identify and assess potentially significant future adverse E&S impacts associated with the project, assess compliance with applicable laws and the EBRD ESP 2014 and PRs, determine the measures needed to prevent or minimise and mitigate the adverse impacts and identify potential environmental and social opportunities, including those that would improve the E&S Sustainability of the project.

In accordance with EBRD standards the project falls under the environmental “Category B”, while following the Greek legislative framework it is ranked as “Category A2” for capacity between  5MW<P<60MW. Based on the EU statistical classification codes NACE Rev. 2 the Project is ranked in the Categories D35.11 – Production of Electricity; D35.12 – Transmission of Electricity; and D35.14 – Trade of Electricity.  The WF will have installed capacity 42.9 MW consisting from 12 VESTAS type V-117 WTs. Each turbine will have rated power at 3.3 MW while auxiliary structures will regard a Control Room; a MV/HV (20/150 kV) substation; an external and internal road network. The project is due to commence within the third-quarter (Q3) of 2017 with the target to reach full operation by the end of 2018.

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