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Feasibility Study and Detail Design of Waste Water Management System for BahirDar and Hawassa Towns, Ethiopia
Feasibility Study and Detail Design of Waste Water Management System for BahirDar and Hawassa Towns, Ethiopia

CATEGORY: Environment, Wastewater Management

LOCATION: BahirDar, Hawassa Ethiopia

START/END: 2017 - ongoing

CLIENT: Ethiopia Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE)


PARTNERS: ROIKOS Engineering Consultants S.A.




Feasibility Study and Detail Design of Waste Water Management System for BahirDar and Hawassa Towns, Ethiopia

Type of Services

The project it is foreseen and will be implemented through three distinct periods, Inception, Assessment and Design (feasibility and detailed design). The aims and objectives of each period described here after are steps for the fulfillment of the main objective of the project for an integrated sustainable wastewater management system in short, medium and long term projections:

Throughout the distinct periods, an initial desk review is undertaken based on field observations of the existing situation, discussions with key informants and stakeholders, informal discussions with citizens, etc. According to the findings of the above mentioned review a revised methodology and approach to the consulting services and a revised schedule for activities is provided during the Inception period. The deliverable of this phase is the inception report where all the findings and the schedules are included.

The assessment period (Task I) consist the continuity of the inception period where an in-depth assessment of the existing conditions in the city by reference to the environment, the legal and institutional framework, the socioeconomic status, the water availability or scarcity, the sanitation status, etc. is elaborated. The assessment is provided through:
•    bibliographic review,
•    conducting sample survey consisting of households, public and private establishments, and private actors involved in collection and disposal of waste,
•    conducting interview with officials and staffs of city administration, health, education and urban development bureaus, youth groups, etc
•    focus group discussion with vulnerable groups and also through transect walks aiming to sanitation facilities mapping.
During the assessment period are evaluated different options for the sanitation improvement in each link of the sanitation chain (containment, conveyance, treatment, disposal/reuse/recover) and a comparison of them is provided based on the existing indicators and the future projections in order to be facilitate the selection of the options to be examined during the feasibility study for different time horizons.

The deliverables of the assessment period are the draft and the final assessment report. The later one will be completed after a workshop presentation that will be conducted for drawing the opinion of the stakeholders and other relevant institutes.

At the end of the assessment period the options to be examined for different time horizons during the feasibility phase of the design period will be identified and a preliminary study with financial estimations of each of them will be conducted in order to be finalized the proposed solution to be designed in detail.

In the framework of the detailed design are included also:

  • Affordability and Cost Recovery
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Human Resource Management and Capacity Building
  • Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Geographic Information Systems and
  • Issuing of Bidding Documents


The main objective of the assignment is to i) to undertake an in-depth assessment of the current sanitation situation including the institutional arrangement, infrastructures, and other facilities used for sanitation / sewerage services provision and management; and ii) to conduct feasibility and detail design of appropriate infrastructure and recommend commensurate an integrated sustainable wastewater management system for Hawassa and Bahir Dar cities.

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