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Consulting Services & Studies for the Submission of the Master Plan of the Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon – Agios Kosmas (“Hellinikon - Former Airport Site Redevelopment” project) – Solid Waste Management & Utilities, Greece
Consulting Services & Studies for the Submission of the Master Plan of the Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon – Agios Kosmas (“Hellinikon - Former Airport Site Redevelopment” project) – Solid Waste Management & Utilities, Greece

CATEGORY: Environment, Solid Waste Management

LOCATION: Agios Kosmas Attica Greece

START/END: 2018 - 2019






Consulting Services & Studies for the Submission of the Master Plan of the Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon – Agios Kosmas (“Hellinikon - Former Airport Site Redevelopment” project) – Solid Waste Management & Utilities, Greece

Type of Services

The services provided by LDK’s staff within the project related with:

  • Conduction of preliminary design of utilities (MEP)
  • Preparation of Solid Waste Management Plan for Construction activities of the Development including an assessment of the types and quantities of the wastes expected during the construction activities and determines the ways and methods of managing them for each of the anticipated streams (including potentially contaminated).
  • Preparation of the Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) of the Development, with focus on all expected SW types of municipal origin, such as: municipal solid waste and garden (pruning) waste/courtyard/park zone/common green areas waste; construction, demolition and excavation Waste - includes the management of aggregate bulky materials; electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) - includes the management of bulky electrical (household/white) devices; portable batteries; residual cooking oil; and hazardous medical waste
  • In the framework of the SWMP, a comparative assessment of all alternative management and treatment options was conducted for all SWM stages (temporary storage, collection and transport, transfer, treatment, and disposal).
  • Feasibility and Technical Preliminary Design Study of the (SWM) facilities, which comprised of:
  • Presentation of design parameters of the project (quantitative and qualitative data of the waste to be treated and estimation of their evolution over time, available area, etc.).
  • Assessment of siting locations within the project’s development area
  • Presentation of potentially applicable solutions for the management of pre-selected organic waste within the National and EU Legislative framework
  • Cost estimation of the construction and operation of management / processing units for each possible technical option (for a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF); a closed-type aerobic composting unit; a transfer station for mixed waste and recyclables; appropriate temporary storage and/or transfer utilities for WEEE, portable batteries, waste cooking oils, and hazardous medical waste; other general works (entrance gate and kiosk, weighing bridge, internal road network, parking spaces, planting, etc.).).
  • Multi-criteria benchmarking of alternative solutions, in order to select the most appropriate based on an economic, operational and environmental point of view.
  • Brief description of the unit based on the most prevalent technology
  • Design of the facilities depending on the technical option preferred and their respective costings following preparation of bill of quantities. In addition the technical requirements for the construction materials are specified as well as the construction works foreseen and the required electromechanical equipment. The reports will include technical descriptions of the facilities and drawings of each unit.
  • Design & dimensioning of the individual parts of the management / processing unit & description of operation;
  • Expected quality characteristics of final products (for MRF & composting facilities);
  • Technical description of necessary infrastructure works; environmental monitoring and environmental impact control programs projects


The development is located at the former Hellinikon International Airport and the coastal Olympic zone of Agios Kosmas of Attica (former Agios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Centre and the National Youth Sports Centre of Agios Kosmas) in Greece.
It concerns a high-end redevelopment project at a key-area in terms of transport links, proximate to the Athens metropolitan center, the port of Piraeus, etc., as well as in terms of physical features (situated between the Ymittos mountain mass and the Saronicos shore).
The development is comprised by a series of uses and components, such as: residential, touristic (hotels, villas), commercial (mall, restaurants, cafés, unit and large shops, hypermarkets), recreational (cinemas, cultural, spa & wellness, casino, marina and beach clubs, sports areas), educational (schools, university), healthcare (hospital), a Metropolitan Park and other green areas.
The objectives of the development are the following:

  1. Contributing to the national budgetary and development goals for the exploitation of public property.
  2. Attracting investments and high added value activities for the benefit of the economy of Attica and the country in general, as well as the reinforcement of business innovation.
  3. Creating thousands of new jobs in highly competitive sectors for the economy in the benefit of the overall economy of Attica and the country in general.
  4. Leading to the emergence of Athens into a cultural metropolis, a tourism pole of international appeal and a major Centre of economic growth and entrepreneurship, as well as of education and research, for the wider Mediterranean and Balkans region.
  5. Creating a metropolitan pole with multiple functions, of national caliber and international reference.
  6. Implementing an exemplar urban development and regeneration programs and delivery to the capital’s wider metropolitan area of green and recreational space, as well as high quality cultural, sports, tourism, educational, research and social infrastructures.
  7. Implementing an exemplar design, methods and technics for the exploitation of the coastal front of the Saronic [gulf] and the shift of the city towards the sea.

To meet these objectives, the Consortium should provide consulting services to the Client, the International Concept Master Planner ( Foster + Partners , UK) and the International Technical Advisor (ARUP) during the bidding and the design period, undertaking parts of the Concept Master Planning deliverable, such as:

  • Urban planning consulting services;
  • Consulting services for the design and operation of the Metropolitan Park and other open spaces;
  • Transportation planning studies;
  • General infrastructures’ and utilities design (including hydraulic [sewerage, water supply, stormwater], process (WWTP), MEP, solid waste management planning for construction (SWMPC) and operation (SWMPO) and designs for MRF, Composting unit, Transfer station and green points (recycling stations)
  • Conceptual costing and Bill of Quantities (BoQ); and
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies

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