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Our policy aspires to define how we will continuously improve our performance related to the Environment, Health and Safety at Workplace in the framework of the consulting and engineering services rendered in Greece and abroad.

In pursuit of implementing such a policy, our main objectives are:

  • to protect our natural environment and prevent pollution;
  • to safeguard health and ensure safety of our staff, collaborators, the local community as well as third parties, while also preventing accidents and occupational ailments;
  • to improve working conditions;
  • to improve in-house operations;

To achieve these objectives constant efforts are under way to:

  • monitor, evaluate and ensure implementation of compliance principles related to environmental issues; correct promptly non-conformities
  • monitor, evaluate and comply with legal and other requirements related to Health and Safety at Workplace; correct promptly non-conformities;
  • prevent, identify, control and reduce potential environmental impacts and health and safety risks likely to stem from any of LDK’s activities;
  • ensure that LDK’s operations are carried out in compliance with the requirements;
  • develop, evaluate and review the procedures and indicators aimed at improving performance related to Environment and Health and Safety at Workplace
  • ensure the rational use of natural resources

Both the Managing Director and Managers are committed to comply with the requirements of the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, as per ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and to ensure that LDK’s staff comply with the requirements as well. In parallel, they are committed to actively participate in its implementation and to provide the resources (human-financial-material) necessary for its continuous improvement.

The achievement of such pursuits is understood to be ensured by way of:

  1. continuous training of LDK’s staff;
  2. encouraging our staff to actively participate in the efforts aimed at improving the working environment and protecting the natural environment;
  3. encourage and facilitate honest and open dialogue with LDK’s stakeholders.





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