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2016 has remained a challenging year for the Greek economy, partially affected by the downward pressures on growth in the 2nd half of 2015, as well as the fiscal drag from the implementation of additional fiscal measures to achieve a targeted primary surplus in Government budget.


However, even in that tight macroeconomic environment, the LDK Group has managed to overcome the hardships and maintain its solid revenue basis of more than € 12mil. per annum, with an average ROE of 11.8%.
Its growth prospects are reinforced by the successful implementation of our Strategic Plan (2014-2020), which concentrates on geographical segments and business sectors with significant opportunities that lie well within the competencies of the Group. The international diversification is a core pillar of the LDK Group strategy, with more than 80% of the Group backlog of awarded contracts related to its international activities.


To further highlight its financial performance, our Group achieved a 5-year ROIC of 10.1% which significantly outperformed the growth rates in any market that LDK Consultants operates. With strong operating cash flows amounting to € 756k. and an average interest coverage ratio (based on EBITDA) of 4.2, the Group generates adequate resources to fund its expansion plans and to further cultivate its position in more promising markets. In addition to its enhanced capacity to serve its interest payments, the LDK Group has further strengthened its capital structure by decreasing its debt capital by an average 3.9% per annum during the last 5 years, while its overall lower reliance on borrowed funds can further be asserted by its total debt-to-equity ratio which reached parity during FY 2016.


The successful implementation of the Group’s Strategic Plan has been the cornerstone of our efforts to deliver enhanced financial performance for our stakeholders, coupled with balanced and sustainable societal development, so much in need in the current highly uncertain era.


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