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A bird’s eye view on 2018

Financial Results

2018 marks the 50-years’ milestone in LDK Consultants’ life so far, from a one-man engineering study back in 1968, to a multi- disciplinary Group of 12 companies in 8 European and African countries, active in large Engineering and Development projects in more than 110 countries, assigned by a highly diversified clientele from the Public and Private Sectors worldwide.

Times demand a focus on all project sizes. A plethora of small projects draw significantly more resources proportionally, while the fewer large projects always provide the platform for investing in new skills and methods.
Our largest ongoing contract has a budget of 8.5 million euros while the smallest does not exceed the budget of 3,000 euros.
The LDK Group’s aim is to satisfy repeat clientele in the whole spectrum of services and projects sizes, while achieving new select assignments and penetrating new markets with its high-standard credentials.

Following are the first estimations of 2018 financial performance and facts that support our aims:

• Annual revenue approximately reached 14 million euros.

• Operating results increased in the past 2 years by more than 30%.

• Several high-caliber project contracts were recently signed, which will increase overall backlog as well as profits.

• Α significant increase of the signed contracts’ backlog was achieved by our international subsidiaries.

• A gradual comeback of the local construction sector is increasing demand for our engineering services and will boost the overall profits in 2019 onwards.

• Employees’ count is due to further increase with the award of more contracts to be signed in our main markets.

• The biggest market growth drivers are the regions of East Africa, Middle East and the Balkans with important projects in the energy, environment and engineering sectors.

• The financial credibility of the Group is also improving, having achieved an approximate 30% increase in Groups’ credit line.

• 2019 will be a year of focus on modernizing our financial monitoring and operational systems, streamlining the way we monitor all the Group’s companies.



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