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2018 marks the 50-years’ milestone in LDK Consultants’ life so far, from a one-man engineering study back in 1968, to a multi- disciplinary Group of 12 companies in 8 European and African countries, active in large Engineering and Development projects in more than 110 countries, assigned by a highly diversified clientele from the Public and Private Sectors worldwide.

LDK Group’s strategy has always aimed for sustainable growth, achieved through diversification following the global markets’ needs.

These were the axes along which LDK has continued its way during the last, very challenging decade; a decade of economic and financial crisis, instability and recession.

The results of the implementation of our strategy have been proven right.

Expanding into new countries and markets, further specializing in sub-segments of our core services (such as engineering for Data Centers and Transport Infrastructure), the Group managed since the beginning of the financial crisis back in 2009 to: • Increase Annual Sales by 55%

• Increase Profits before Tax by 71% and profitability by 11%

• Increase the backlog of awarded contracts by 42%, thus securing 2 years’ sales

• Increase International to Greek sales mix from 75%-25% to almost 90%-10%

Meanwhile, it maintained its strong capital structure (debt-to- equity ratio: 1.2) and an interest coverage ratio of approx. 8.

Estimated results for Financial Year 2017 and gradual pay-off of the recent years’ investments in new ventures in Eastern Europe and Africa (4 new subsidiaries and 1 project office), are the foundations for even higher expectations.


 LDK RevenueProfit Chart
LDK Awarded Contracts Chart LDK International Domestic Sales Chart