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From an entity of one self-employed engineer to a global multidisciplinary development consulting Group, it sounds like a long way and indeed it is. Looking back at the LDK Consultants’ history and progress, it is indeed a mirage of life itself, an organism that started small and as it grew, it became more complex, experienced and responsible for its deeds.
LDK Consultants survived and prospered in global financial crises because it offered the right mix of development services with engineering prudence.
We always challenge and re-evaluate our position and now we are again expanding into new markets, starting from the premise that what we know and apply is neither good enough for us, nor for our clients.

Buildings Engineering. Mr. Leonidas Damianidis, the current Group’s President, founded an engineering practice to provide MEP design and supervision services for public and private buildings.

Renewable Energy, The 1973 oil crisis was a challenge for LDK Consultants to start developing Research & Development in energy technologies by creating international partnerships.

Energy & Environmental Consulting. LDK Consultants expanded its activities in the field of energy and environmental consulting, signing its first contract with the European Commission, initially on a Regional and Urban Energy Planning Programme.

Socioeconomic Development. LDK Consultants was awarded, by the Greek Ministry of National Economy, the Management of the Regional Operational Programme in the region of Sterea Hellas. The Programme consisted of 8 sub-programmes and addressed economic development through the support of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Services for Hydrocarbon Exploration. LDK Consultants undertook the environmental management and permitting services for hydrocarbon exploration in Western Greece, onshore and offshore.

Transportation Engineering. LDK Consultants created a new unit on transport engineering in light of the infrastructure that would be developed for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The unit designed public transport, airport and marine infrastructure as well as infrastructure of sports centres.

Water Resources Management. LDK Consultants undertook the Development of Systems and Tools for Integrated Water Resources Management of the water district of the Aegean islands and the development of regional water policy according to the Water Framework Directive, thus entering dynamically the Water Resources Management Sector.

Climate Change Mitigation. LDK Consultants’ long-lasting experience in energy efficiency     in the industrial and buildings’ sector, as well as its technical and fi    nancial expertise in Renewable Energy Sources and their respective policies enabled it to become a key consultant in Climate Change Mitigation in Southeast Europe and Central Asia, contributing with advice on a micro level (industries and buildings) and macro level (national policies).

Expansion in Eastern Africa. Through its subsidiary company in Kenya, LDK Consultants expanded its engineering, energy and environmental consulting services in the Eastern African Market.

Significant Expansion of the Group. LDK Consultants established new subsidiaries to expand further abroad. LDK Middle East, based in Jordan and focusing on the Middle East Market is underway, while CAPDC Balkans and CAPDC East Africa are specialized companies focusing on data centers’ engineering. - Bottom info