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In LDK we feel that our customers are our most critical and essential judges of the quality of our services. With this in mind, we take a pro-active approach to quality issues, constantly improving our business performance both in Greece and abroad to cater to our customers’ expectations.

Our main objective is to ensure that services rendered to our customers are always of the best quality and by all means consistent with our corporate culture, inspired by:

  • our commitment to abide by the terms and conditions of contracts entered into with our customers
  • our desire to cater to all contractual requirements
  • our determination to ensure that our suppliers conform to the terms of the agreements entered into between our company and each one of them

LDK’s services aim to satisfy our customers and generating added value for LDK CONSULTANTS.

Customer satisfaction is an unwavered pursuit for LDK just as is the achievement that in being served, the customer is made aware of the value of the services rendered being more valuable than the cost of our performance.

To attain such goals, we have been consistently endeavouring to:

  • enhance customer satisfaction
  • improve the quality of services rendered
  • ensure that our staff acquire active ownership of the principles  ensuring smooth implementation and good management of LDK’s operations
  • achieve a more efficient organisation
  • reduce operational costs

Within the limits of its financial projections, LDK‘s Management commits itself to ensure the availability of resources (staff, training and equipment) that may be required to ensure our objectives.

The company’s Managing Director, Managers and all staff fully applying all measures required to diligently abide with all the specifications of the Quality System. Moreover, both the Managing Director and the company’s managers abide to continuously improve LDK’s Quality System.

The achievement of such pursuits is understood to be ensured by way of:

  1. acquainting all LDK executives with the terms of our quality policy
  2. hosting information and awareness events for the staff
  3. establishing an obligation for all executives to which the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at the Workplace Manual is addressed to in turn acquaint their subordinates as to the terms of the Quality policy.
  4. directly communicate to LDK’s staff notices on issues relevant to the Quality policy. - Bottom info