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Awareness Campaign for the Regional Operational Programme, Romania

Type of Services

  • TA to improve the absorption capacity of EU Structural Funds available through the Regional Operational Programme and the Objective 3-OPs

The following services were provided:

  • Creation of a brand strategy and identification for the ROP
  • Preparation of communication guidelines for the ROP and the Objective 3-OPs, a document that assisted the relevant bodies to perform their communication and PR tasks during the implementation of the OPs; organisation of training sessions addressed to the Ministry and the Regional Development Agencies on the contents of the document
  • Awareness campaign aiming to raise the overall visibility of the ROP and the Objective 3-OPs (production and broadcasting of TV/Radio advertising material)
  • Media campaign in national newspapers (design and publication of press advertisements in national and local newspapers, journals, magazines with national coverage, design and publication of relevant articles in newspapers to present ROP/Objective 3-OPs, progress in implementing ROP provisions, etc.)
  • Development of publications supporting the ROP and Objective 3-OPs awareness campaign
  • Preparation and production of promotion materials for distribution to the general public during relevant events
  • Development of a ROP and Objective 3-OPs dedicated website providing complete information on the financial assistance available through ROP and Objective 3-OPs, and of procedures to fulfil or conditionalities to comply with, as potential beneficiaries. It also provided information on projects to be implemented, stage of implementation for ongoing projects, results of closed projects, information on the activities and decisions of the Monitoring Committee and any other relevant authorities, in terms of monitoring and evaluation of the interventions
  • Organisation of national and regional press conferences related to the ROP and the Objective 3-OPs
  • Elaboration of a Recommendation Report on Media Campaigns based on nation-wide surveys at the beginning and at the end of the project to assess the level of awareness amongst potential beneficiaries with regard to the level of general knowledge of financing opportunities available under the ROP and the Objective 3-OPs


Following Romania's accession to the EU in January 2007 and in view of support through Structural Funds, the Ministry of European Integration (MEI) deemed it necessary to launch an awareness campaign on the Structural Funds available through the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) and the Objective 3 (Obj3)- European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programmes, in order to facilitate the development of a project pipeline and ensure increased absorption capacity of the available EU funding.

The ROP included the following priorities: improvement of regional and local public infrastructure; strengthening the regional and local businesses environment; development of regional and local tourism; sustainable urban development; technical assistance.

The purposes of the contract were:

  • To raise awareness among the potential beneficiaries about the financing opportunities available under the ROP and the Objective 3 - Operational Programmes (OPs)
  • To inform potential beneficiaries on the eligibility rules, conditionalities and procedures to be followed in order to access financing under the ROP and the Objective 3-OPs
  • To increase trust in the transparency and correctness of the project selection and financing process for the EU and national financial support provided through the ROP and the Objective 3-OPs
  • To promote the social and economic impact of this assistance to the general public - Bottom info