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Development of the skills and competencies of APDRP staff at national level, Romania

Type of Services

Organization of seminars, team building training and study visits for personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - Payment Agency for Fishing and Rural Development, Romania. In detail, the consortium provided the following services:

  • Provision of training on selected topics:
  • Public procurement and related legislation
  • Payments and debt recovery
  • Ex-ante financial control
  • Control and anti-fraud
  • Evaluation, selection and contracting
  • Monitoring
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Technical verifications
  • Drafting of training materials and handouts on specialised fields;
  • Logistical arrangements for all training sessions (including accommodation, catering, local travel, interpretation)

In total, the consortium carried out 60 training courses for 1,620 participants (management and executive staff) from APDRP national, regional and local level on national and EU legislation (relevant to PNDR legislation); 50 training courses, including training of trainers) for 1,400 participants (with executive functions) on strategic management, negotiations, communication and presentation techniques; and 10 training courses (including training of trainers) for management staff – 233 persons on strategic planning, project management, communication and leadership.


The present project aimed at strengthening the institutional capacitiey of the Payment Agency for Fisheries and Rural Development (APDRP) and to improve the strategic management capacities of the staff of the Agency in their management and operational activities as regards the EAFRD funds.

The Payment Agency is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for the transparent and sound financial management of public funds managed by the Ministry. The Paying Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries is responsible the technical and financial implementation of the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and has entirely taken over the unrolling and monitoring of the SAPARD Programme. The EAFRD is a financing opportunity for the Romanian rural areas, amounting to approximately 10 billion Euros for the period 2007 to 2013. As with the SAPARD Programme, the EAFRD shall embrace the co-financing principle for private investment projects.

The Agency is responsible for the following technical issues:

  • Informing potential beneficiaries on the PNDR's implementation system.
  • Receiving applications for financing and verifying their compliance;
  • Verifying the eligibility and selection criteria;
  • Performing on-the-spot project verifications;
  • Selecting projects eligible for financing;
  • Notifying the beneficiaries on the selection and conclusion of the financing agreements;
  • Reporting the progress made through the EAFRD measures, to the responsible bodies.

The Agency is responsible for the following issues regading the payments:

  • Endorsing the procurement files and verifying the observance of the procurement procedures for the public and private beneficiaries, selectively, on a sample determined on the basis of a risk analysis;
  • Performing administrative checks on the payment claims;
  • Performing on-the-spot checks for each payment claim;
  • Authorizing and executing payments to the beneficiaries. - Bottom info