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Cross-border programme Bulgaria - Turkey: Technical assistance for project preparation, Bulgaria

Type of Services

The Consultant provided assistance during the two stages of project implementation:

First stage - Pre-selection of projects:

  • organization of information campaigns (seminars, workshops) to raise awareness amongst stakeholders and potential beneficiaries;
  • preparation of the Grant Application Forms for Applicants;
  • assistance to potential applicants through the establishment of help-desks in the three areas;
  • launching a tender for project proposals;
  • receive project proposals;
  • select project ideas for full development.

Second stage - Technical assistance for the full preparation of projects selected during the first stage for their further submission for funding. Assistance was provided to grant applicants in the preparation of:

  • feasibility studies;
  • technical specifications and tender documents for works, supervision of construction works and supplies;
  • environmental impact assessments.



The MRDPW, through its Directorate "Implementing Agency – PHARE Programme" and the Department for "Management of Territorial Cooperation" at the Directorate General for Programming of Regional Development is responsible at central level for the overall coordination for the PHARE CBC Programmes in Bulgaria. In this position the Directorate Implementing Agency - PHARE Programme operates as an intermediate between the different line ministries and governmental organisations involved in the implementation of PHARE CBC projects. The Directorate General for Programming of Regional Development is appointed as the Managing Authority for the cross-border programmes in the period 2007-2013. This project focused on allocating resources for future technical assistance to the Department for Management of Territorial Cooperation in preparing a project pipeline, thus providing absorption of the EU Funds.

This specific project's purpose was to provide technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of the Implementing Agency - PHARE Programme and Department for Management of Territorial Cooperation to generate, prepare and implement adequate projects for the CBC Programme between Bulgaria and Turkey for the period 2007-2013, by supporting relevant central, regional and local authorities in their efforts to establish future joint technical bodies and manage future projects.

The Consultant provided assistance to the Implementing Agency and potential applicants in the preparation of at least 20 CBC projects, which shall be fully developed and ready for implementation by the completion of this project. In order to achieve this, the Consultant supported potential grant applicants in the cross-border area (Yambol, Haskovo & Burgas, and Edirne & Kirklareli) to develop their project ideas into mature projects in order to ensure quality proposals eligible for funding. - Bottom info