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Framework Contract BENEF 2013 LOT 5: Conferences, Various Countries

Type of Services

The consultant has provided services for categories A, B, C and D for the following events:


  • Cameroon: “Organisation de la reunion de Grupe Technique PIR et du Comité de Pilotage pour le lancement de l'Assistance Technique aupres de la Commission de la CEMAC dans le cadre du PACIE (38.192,85 Euro)
  • Ethiopia: Information for meeting Africa's Agricultural Transformation and Food Security Goals - IMAAFS (97.318,22 Euro)
  • Morocco: Regional Awareness Workshop on Illicit Trafficking of radiological and Nuclear Materials (40.616,56  Euro)
  • Brussels: 9th FLEGT Week (243.587,82Euro)
  • Mexico: EU-Mexico Civil Society Seminar on Human Rights (29.690,47 Euro)
  • Azerbaijan: Training sessions aimed at enabling staff of lower election commissions to fulfil their roles and responsibilities in line with the EU and international best practice (130.337,03  Euro)
  • Libreville – Gabon: Organisation de l’atelier de sensibilisation des experts nationaux et régionaux au blending –nouvelle approche collaborative de financement mixte des projets infrastructure dans le cadre du PIR 11ème FED (108.469,16 Euro)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: Enhaning Nuclear Safeguards at ABACC. Training course for inspectors on Ultrasonic Sealing Systems,  6-8 and 11-12 April 2016 (24.341,97)



  • Multi: Support to the organization of meetings in the framework of the Instrument for Nuclear Safety (299.918,50 Euro)
  • Dushanbe, Tajikistan: EU- Tajikistan Civil Society Seminar on Human Rights "Addressing radicalisation and violent extremism – Central Asian perspective" (67.325,90 Euro)
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Organisation of the validation workshop for the Baseline Study of the Transport and Transit Facilitation programme (146.441,10)
  • South Africa and Europe: Shukhuma Mzansi!" Policy Dialogue on Community Arts Centres (108.803,00)


Activities carried out in each event:

1.    organization of international travel from the country of origin to the event location
2.    support for visa applications where necessary
3.    distribution of daily allowances to participants
4.    arrangements for local hostess and other support staff
5.    hotel reservation for the accommodation of participants
6.    venue selection and hire of appropriate equipment
7.    organisation of catering activities
8.    arrangement for local transport from/to airport, hotel, venue, restaurant (with taxis or busses)


The objective of the FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, appropriate logistic support for conferences and similar events organisation, which can be mobilised at very short notice. The quality of this logistic support must be guaranteed by the retained Framework Contractors (FWC'rs) disposing of the appropriate internal resources as well as of access to external technical skills.

The assignments carried out under this lot may cover any geographic area, within or outside the European Union. Logistical support may cover any type of event within the generic field of "Conferences organisation" such as the logistics for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, training sessions, study visits etc.

The following categories of services are covered:

  • Category A: Individual assistance: travels, visas, invitations, daily allowances, hotel, badges/kits.
  • Category B: Support staff: moderator, hostesses, interpreters, translators, note taking, photographer, speakers etc.
  • Category C: Services: insurance, conference room, additional premises, conference equipment, local transport etc.
  • Category D: Supplies: catering, prints, flowers etc. - Bottom info