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Framework Contract COM 2011 LOT 3: Conferences, Various Countries

Type of Services

The consultant has provided services for categories A, B, C and D for the following events:


  1. Conference: Haiti, One year after the earthquake – perspectives on international humanitarian response and on the role of governance in reconstruction and development, Brussels Belgium with 5 participants (€11,746.24) L01
  2. Closing Conference of the 2011 EU-China Year of Youth, China with 101 participants (€105,356.88) L02
  3. Support to travel costs of abstract awardees of the 2011 International Family Planning Conference, Dakar, Senegal with 38 participants (€44,870.71) L03
  4. Organisation of three team buildings, Brussels, Belgium with 320 participants (€ 37,434.78) L04
  5. Fishreg training in Istanbul 16th and 17th of November 2012 Istanbul, Turkey with 14 participants (€14,065.48) L05
  6. Organisation of the OCT-EU FORUM, Brussels, Belgium with 156 participants (€318,595.63 ) L06
  7. Support to the organisation of the regional seminar, Latin America & Caribbean Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with 120 participants (€31,699.63 ) L07
  8. Organisation of the logistics for five team buildings of the European Commission Staff in Brussels (€54,703.78) L08
  9. Organisation of the Seminar From Madrid to Santiago, a way to go and of the Seminar Diplomacy of the Summits (€ 90,000.00) L09
  10. Scientific advisory board Meeting and dedicated seminar on 31/05/2012, Brussels, Belgium (€27,525.40) L10
  11. Support to REDD+ Projects 2nd Annual Coordination Meeting (Brussels, Belgium) (€47,228.44) L11
  12. Logistics for the organisation of 4 Conferences, seminars and workshops, July –December 2012 Brussels and ENPI region (€701,226.00) L12
  13. 3rd Global Conference Women Deliver 2013 - 28-30 May 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (€395,818.50) L13
  14. Organisation of the OCT-EU FORUM, Greenland 25-27 September 2012 (€564,953.00) L14
  15. Pilot Project on Piracy, Maritime Awareness and Risks (PMAR) workshop, Mombasa, Kenya (€54,368.10) L15
  16. Seminaires thematiques d;appui a la programmation sur la securite alimentair / nutrition et l’agriculture durable (SANAD), Dakar, Senegal & Nairobi, Kenya (€66,880.00) L16
  17. Regional Seminar Finances and Contracts, Antwerp, Belgium (€24,050.00) L17
  18. Organisation of a conference on mainstreaming alternative fuel solutions for marine transport, Finland, Helsinki (€39,084.00) L18
  19. Workshop for transfer pricing specialists in the socialist Republic of Vietnam (€66,942.00) L19
  20. NSA-LA programmes Brussels (€157,499.60) L20
  21. ALFA Coordination event 2013, Nicaragua (€199,988.00) L22
  22. EU Seminar on Rule of Law in Myanmar (68,960.00) L23
  23. Pacific Energy Summit 2013, in New Zealand (€137,947.50) L24
  24. Evenement de Coordination RALCEA 2013, Chile (€69,507.58) L25
  25. Pacific-EU Seminar on bilateral Programming 2014-2020, Apia, Samoa (€94,437.92) L26
  26. Two regional seminars on EU support to Banana sector, West Africa and Caribbean (€52,940.00) L27
  27. Annual Regional Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean in Panama (€52,940.00) L28
  28. OLAF 6th Meeting for the Pilot Groups, Brussels (€67,026.00) L29
  29. Organisation of the Joint IMF-EU Workshop and of the Commission Training on EU regional blending facilities, Amman Jorddan (€8,921.82) L30
  30. ECHO-2013 All ECHO day & Expert Seminar, Brussels (€74,948.00) L31
  31. Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), Brussels (€282,000.00) L32
  32. The challenge of Mumbai as a mega city, Mumbai India (€145,595.00) L34
  33. Organisation of the logistics for the realization of a Team Building meeting, Brussels (€14,480.53) L35
  34. Organizacao de seminario sobre Tratado de interdicao completa de ensaios nucleares, Angola (€60,424.00) L36
  35. ENPARD South Component, Regional Seminar 2013, Brussels (€60,279.95) L38
  36. Neighbourhood Finance and Contracts Seminar 2014, Athens, Greece (€ 24,786.55) L39
  37. Round table discussion on Social Transfers, Food Security, Rural Livelihoods and Nutrition. How to mobilize political support for scaled-up social transfer systems in line with Governments policies, Brussels (€29,967.50) L40
  38. FLEGT Week’ and ‘REDD+ projects coordination meeting’, Brussels (€159,567.00) L33
  39. Organisation of two Conferences on HRBA in 2013:  “Open Brainstorming Seminar” - Brussels “Restricted Seminar of wise – persons”- Brussels (€133,288.68) L37
  40. The INNOVATE (Initiative for New One Health Ventures in Asia considering Ecosystems) Networking Meeting – Logistics, Cambodia (€65,115.00) L41
  41. Logistics for the organisation of 6 Seminars,Workshops and meetings, January to December 2014 (€434,875.00) L43
  42. Pilot Regional Operational Training by OLAF, 13-15 May 2014 in Dakar, Senegal (€24,355.85) L45
  43. Organisation logistique du 2éme Forum de la Presse Maghrébine-Hammamet Tunisie (€434,875.00) L46
  44. International Conference 2014 on Taxation of Extractive Industries (€68,763.70) L47
  45. Conferences associated to EU CBRN Centres of Excellence (€140,885.85) L44
  46. EU- Kyrgyzstan Civil Society Seminar 2014 (€65,911.00) L48
  47. Event 1 Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition Meeting, 20-21 October 2014, Brussels + Event 2. CGIAR Fund Council and Funders’ Forum, 3-7th November, Brussels hosted by the European Commission (€75,433.86) L50
  48. Meeting of partners for the Forward-looking study on the Conservation of African Wildlife, Brussels (€95,563.50) L56
  49. Support of 4 regional programming workshops, Belgium, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Laos, Senegal Morocco (€54.469,52) L42
  50. Organization of 4 Regional Coordination Seminars on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture, Multi Country (€75.928,16) L49
  51. Logistic Support to (i) A Seminar for beneficiaries of ongoing contracts under the NSA-LA programme (131-141, 131-143) / (ii) A Seminar for beneficiaries of new contracts under the NSA-LA programme (134-863 ) (€102.215,70) L51
  52. Organisation of the 2015 forum of EIDHR Focal Points in Delegations, Brussels (€383.966,27) L53
  53. Poverty Environment Partnership 20th Meeting: contribution to participation of funded participants from developing countries, Edinburgh (€38.270,41) L54
  54. 7th meeting of the Pilot Group, Summer 2015 in Brussels, Belgium (€41.010,37) L55
  55. Organisation of three events in non-EU countries aimed at raising awareness of EU mechanisms to support access to sustainable energy and rural electrification, Multi Country (€255.104,07) L57
  56. Algeria – Organisation logistique du 16 éme Festival European Algérie (€170.350,04) L60
  57. Preparation of ENI Cross Border Cooperation (CBC), in several countries, (€146.187,49) L21
  58. PSF - Seminar on Good Practice in Responsible Business Conduct, (€47.691,38)  L61
  59. Dubrovnik  - Logistic support to the organisation of the conference "Rethinking Europe" (€52.964,79 €) L63
  60. Panama City  - Consultation meeting with LA partners on regional programme "Citizen Security and Rule of Law (€65.359,13) L65
  61. Logistic Support to preparatory work of DEVCO Seminars on Decentralization, Local Governance and TALD to be held in Asia (second Semester 2015), in Latin America (April 2015) and in Brussels (July 2015), (€50.862,39) L52
  62. High Level Conference in the EU trust Fund for CAR “Bêkou”, Brussels (€60.874,70 ) L59
  63. Lima, Peru - 2016 EITI Conference, 23-24 February 2016 (€244.775,85) L62
  64. Brussels - Organisation of the Forum of Delegations' EIDHR and CSO/LA Focal Points, Brussels (€416.789,22) L67
  65. Brussels, Istanbul, Pretoria - Organisation of communication activities, conferences, workshops and experts participation at culture, education and health sector events (€116.181,59) L69
  66. Latin America: Conference "Cultura urbana para la inclusión social en Latinoamérica" (€56.465,21) L70


     67. Logistic services for evaluation related seminars (€260,444.63) L58

     68. Paris, Brussels, Nairobi, Dakar, Bogota - Logistics for Events related to COP21 on Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Financial Instruments (€283.833,00) L64

     69. Organisation of five events on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture in Asia, Africa and Brussels (€186.628,00) L66
     70. Moscow, Russia: Organisation of a set of events for the European Iunstrument for Democracy and Human Rights Programme (EIDHR) and the Civil Society Organisations Programme (CSOs) in 2016-2018 (€241.599,01) L68

Activities carried out in each event:

  • organization of international travel from the country of origin to the event location
  • support for visa applications where necessary
  • distribution of daily allowances to participants
  • arrangements for local hostess and other support staff
  • hotel reservation for the accommodation of participants
  • venue selection and hire of appropriate equipment
  • organisation of catering activities
  • arrangement for local transport from/to airport, hotel, venue, restaurant (with taxis or busses)


The objective of the FWC is to provide, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, appropriate logistic support for conferences and similar events organisation, which can be mobilised at very short notice. The quality of this logistic support must be guaranteed by the retained Framework Contractors (FWC'rs) disposing of the appropriate internal resources as well as of access to external technical skills.

The assignments carried out under this lot may cover any geographic area, within or outside the European Union. Logistical support may cover any type of event within the generic field of "Conferences organisation" such as the logistics for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, training sessions, study visits etc.

The following categories of services are covered:

  • Category A: Individual assistance: travels, visas, invitations, daily allowances, badges/kits.
  • Category B: Support staff: moderator, hostesses, interpreters, translators, note taking, photographer, speakers etc.
  • Category C: Services: insurance, hotel, conference room, additional premises, conference equipment, local transport etc.
  • Category D: Supplies: catering, prints, flowers etc. - Bottom info