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Support to the implementation of the Roma Strategy, North Macedonia

Type of Services

Component 1 - Strengthening the operational coordination structures at both national and municipal levels for implementing the Strategy for Roma

  • Preparation and implementation of Training Plans addressed to the staff of the UISDR, the Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio and the National Co-ordination Body including: a) training needs assessment; b) design of training curricula; c) evaluation of results.
  • A set of training courses on the following subjects will be elaborated and delivered: public management; financial management and fund raising; legal analysis and legal writing; monitoring and evaluation; communication with community and final beneficiary; partnership and networking; effective office communication and drafting official correspondence; reporting techniques and tools; project cycle management; elements concerning access to and management of EU funds and grants.
  • The staff of the UISDR will be also trained to design and use monitoring and evaluation tools to report about status of Roma Strategy implementation.
  • Upgrading of documents such as job specifications, job descriptions, organisational chart, working procedures and strategic indicators of performance, rules of conduct and design a Manual of procedures for the UISDR, the Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio and the National Co-ordination Body
  • Organisation of internships/study visit for the staff of the UISDR and the Ministry without Portfolio in an EU member states/ candidate countries with relevant achievements in the field of implementing Roma policies.
  • Assessment and provision of recommendation for improvement regarding the current status and policies for implementation of Roma Strategy.
  • Drafting and implementation of the communication strategy for dissemination of information and awareness raising concerning the Strategy for Roma and Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 drafted and implemented. Project website, booklets, posters and press releases issued and disseminated in order to present the achievements of the project.

Component 2 Support for the implementation of Action Plans with a focus on local action plans

  • Training to the staff of the coordination structures and of the Roma Information Centres, including the local Roma focal points.
  • Improve work processes, production of manuals of standardised procedures, drafting of performance indicators and job descriptions for the Roma Information Centres.
  • Develop a number of  action plans to support  the Roma Strategy at local level. support the revision of existing action plans, or drafting new ones. Provision of support for the implementation of the identified priorities within the action plans through: provision of expertise, funding of workshops, seminars, policy and different legal documents, support to actions regarding cultural identity, education development, promotion of health, civic education, youth involvement, environmental-friendly lifestyle or community development etc.
  • Publication of a catalogue of tested models of best practices and dissemination to all municipalities.


The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the co-ordination structures for implementing the National Strategy for Roma and the Decade for Roma Inclusion 2005-2015, in view to contribute to increased social inclusion of the Roma, leading to an improvement of their situation in the country.

The purposes of the project were to provide capacity building and organisational development to the beneficiary institutions (at national and local level), including human resources development and strengthening the managerial systems to ensure effective implementation of the Roma Strategy and Decade for Roma Inclusion; to support the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the local action plans and the prioritised actions (including resource mobilisation actions).

The beneficiaries were the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy – the Unit for Implementing Strategy and Decade for Roma, the Cabinet of the Minister without Portfolio as National Co-ordinator for the Strategy and Decade for Roma and the National Co-ordination Body. - Bottom info