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SWIM and Horizon 2020 Support Mechanism - MENA Countries

Type of Services

The services to be provided by the Consultant are grouped in 6 work packages with the following targets:

Aiming to present the consortium’s proposal regarding the project's work plan to the CA (Competent Authority) for discussion, revision, and approval; to organise country missions to collect, share, review and update baseline data and needs assessment at the BCs (Beneficiary Countries) level; to complement with what is needed for a sound basis for action planning, as well as for the monitoring progress (work with UNEP/MAP).To maximise the lessons learnt from the consortium’s involvement in the SWIM-SM & H2020 CB/MEP programmes and address the problems identified and the new challenges ahead.

The Expert Facility is one of the channels through which SWIM-H2020 SM can provide tailored and targeted technical assistance to Partner Countries (PC) for achieving on-the-ground results in sustainable water management and reduced marine pollution. Eligible stakeholders from the Partner Countries are able to request, through the SWIM and Horizon 2020 Focal Points, specific short-term technical support Instructions on the operation and use of the Expert Facility are available.

Regional and sub-regional peer-to-peer seminars and webinars on selected topics will be organised by SWIM-H2020 SM. An effective way to establish networks of peers of different stakeholders in the region, mobilise knowledge and learn from other parties’ experiences and best practices, and thus enable structured collaboration between countries.

On-site Training Courses and Study Tours to EU and non-EU Mediterranean countries will be organised by SWIM-H2020 SM, aiming to create enabling environments for increased capacities of administrations, NGOs and other actors on selected themes (demand-driven trainings).

The key communication objective is to contribute to the Project’s visibility.
Various communication tools (mass media, Internet) will be used in order to disseminate the information/knowledge generated by SWIM-H2020 SM Project and showcase the achievements’ results, lessons learnt and good practices.
The participation in ad hoc national or regional event and will also enhance the Project’s communication goals.
Annual stock-taking meetings in the Partner Countries will be held in order to take stock of project’s progress and plan and exchange on future activities.

Strengthening the research to policy/practice interface
Bridge the gap between research and policy by mapping research results from relevant EU funded research and innovation projects in order to determine which could feed policies and practices that are important for water management and marine pollution prevention and reduction.

Screening BATs, BREFs and BEPs
SWIM-H2020 SM will enhance the uptake of relevant BATs, BEPs and BREFs in the Mediterranean region through a review and screening exercise followed by a report on findings and recommendations.

Ex-post assessment of the sustainability and impact of the SWIM I programme (SM and Demos)
Annual ex-post assessment of the impact and sustainability of a randomly selected SWIM SM and Demo activity (phase I).

External monitoring and ad hoc technical assistance to the SWIM Demonstration projects (phase II):
Perform an annual external monitoring for each of the SWIM Demos project (phase II) based on the DAC evaluation criteria and make recommendations in order to take action and correct their future activities accordingly. Ad hoc technical assistance will also be provided to the SWIM Demonstration projects upon request.

SWIM-H2020 SM will support the meetings of the Horizon 2020 Initiative to Depollute the Mediterranean (Steering Group meetings, Capacity Building Sub-Group meetings, Review & Monitoring Sub-Group meetings). Technical support will also be provided to the Union for the Mediterranean for its Water Expert Group (WEG) meetings.

The SWIM-H2020 SM Project, funded by the European Union, aims to contribute to reduced marine pollution and a sustainable use of scarce water resources in the Mediterranean Region with emphasis on the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.
The Project is the continuation and merging of two successful previous EU-funded service contracts, Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/Mediterranean Environment Programme (H2020 CB/MEP) (2009-2014) and the Sustainable Water Integrated Management Support Mechanism (SWIM SM) (2010-2015).              

The Project is to:

  • Provide tailored and targeted technical assistance at national level based on partners’ requests through an Expert Facility;
  • Organize regional (or sub-regional) peer-to-peer seminars and webinars;
  • Conduct on-site training courses and study tours;
  • Capitalize on the lessons learnt, good practices and success stories;
  • Support the Horizon 2020 Initiative’s governance mechanism and the work of the Union for the Mediterranean’s Water Experts Group.

In order to achieve:

  • Positive changes in the design and implementation of the relevant national institutional, policy and regulatory frameworks;
  • Enhancement of partner countries’ capacity to promote investment and business opportunities for properly managing municipal waste, industrial emissions and waste water;
  • Facilitation of access to finance for selected sustainable investment projects;
  • Strengthening of regional coherence and cooperation in approaches to marine pollution prevention and control, and sustainable water management;
  • Identification, testing and sharing of best practices and success stories;
  • Use of research results in policy making – enhancement of more sustainable practices. - Bottom info