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Τechnical assistance for implementation of Communication Action Plan, Turkey

Type of Services

The project focused on the implementation of the following four activities which are solely conducted by LDK:

1.    Visibility, promotion and image-building activities

  • Implementation of Communication Needs Assessment (CNA) Survey  with which we determined the messages of the campaign and how the tools of the campaign ought to be used.
  • Awareness Raising Campaign and Preparation of Events Calendar. The events calendar was incorporated into the website described under Activity 2.

The following instruments were formulated and used as part of the campaign:  

  • Visibility Guidelines which were prepared for beneficiaries on how the logos and slogan of the campaign are to be used, including templates and examples,
  • Newsletter - three issues were prepared, over a two year period which featured the latest news of the Department of European Investments (DoEUI) in relation to their activities under the Operational Programmes. Issue 1 focused on water, issue 2 focused on solid waste and issue 3 focused on the work of the CAP project (various workshops and seminars). The newsletters were widely distributed to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Publications such as Leaflets/Booklets (for the general public), Communication Handbooks (targeted to beneficiaries and contractors), Posters, Banners, Project success stories, celebratory Book, have been prepared.
  • Documentary video, TV advertisement, Small scale videos / web video advertisement, Radio advertisement prepared and delivered, and posted on social media channels.
  • Promotional materials – branded promo materials for the operational programmes (pins, power banks, usb sticks, key rings, bags, notepads, ecological notepads and folders and other such materials)

2.    Information/Dissemination Activities

  • Updating the Existing Web-site – the aim was to make a new website for the DoEUI, a cleaner website, more user friendly with a visual identity that follows that of the Operational Programme visibility, preparing new materials for the website especially news releases in both Turkish and English on the weekly activities of the department in order to promote the EU funded projects that the DoEUI manages.
  • Social media – establishing @IPAcevre presence on facebook, twitter and youtube, which are very well followed and active disseminators of awareness raising information.
  • Info-day Events and Workshops – two large scale, high level multi-day workshops have been organised with participation of more than 300 stakeholders in the fields of wastewater management and solid waste management.
  • National Seminar – was a closing seminar for the project with presentations and discussions on the goals and achievements during the years of the project. The Seminar participants included the network of beneficiaries of the IPA Environment Operational Programme in Turkey and it took place in Ankara on the closing month of the project.
  • Seminar on EOP Best Practices – executed in the closing month of the project with the participation of members of the network of the EU funded projects. The aim of the seminar was to inform, advertise and promote visibility of the IPA Best Practices as well as to enhance and further strengthen the network of contractors that have been working on EU funded projects in the Environmental sector by promoting dialogue between them and the contracting authority.

3.    Dialogue and Interaction with Media

  • Database Creation – created a database with all newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio stations, websites, news agencies, NGOs in Turkey both on a national and regional/local level. This database was completed in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation’s Press Department and was updated numerous times to keep in step with changing communication priorities. It is used to disseminate the press announcements prepared under this activity.
  • Press Releases – press releases were prepared on an ad hoc basis and have also been prepared in the form of infographic handouts for each of the 31 projects funded by the Environment Operational Programme
  • Preparation of Press Packs – press packs have been prepared with financial information and attractive graphics to be used in newspapers about the ongoing and foreseen projects under IPA I and IPA II. The press packs have been distributed in branded bags or ecological folders and also include information about the specific event or activity at which they are being disseminated, together with high quality photos of the Department’s Director and Undersecretary. Branded gifts  are also given to journalists.
  • Visits to sites with Journalists – three site visit were arranged where journalists identified as covering environment related news, were invited to visit successful projects which have been completed. The site visits were organised in cooperation with the project stakeholders and generated plenty of attention in the media.
  • Interviews – Interviews have been arranged for the Director of the DoEUI as well as for project stakeholders (Mayors etc.) during project events and have been made available to the project beneficiary.
  • Monitoring media coverage and reporting – This activity is done in cooperation with the ministry but is targeted to the needs of the project and has already shown that local and regional journalists in the areas where the DoEUI’s projects are being implemented are active and interested. Weekly, Monthly and six monthly reports are produced.

4.    Capacity building on publicity

  • Training - one communication training on how to make a CAP and how to communicate an EU project  was conducted for the staff of the DoEUI. A second training was delivered to a network of beneficiaries and contractors of the IPA Environment Operational Programme in Turkey on promoting their EU funded project.
  • Helpdesk – this activity was part of the website creation and has been operating since the finalisation of the website
  • Revision of Communication Action Plan – a revision of the CAP was made to bring the document into line with current needs.
  • Sectoral Monitoring Committee (SMC) Meetings – the biannual SMCs of the operational programmes were supported by the project. These were high level events with the participation of DG REGIO or DG NEAR as well as high level officials within the Turkish Administration.


This project provided technical assistance in order to raise awareness among the target stakeholders and general public on the EU funding available for the environment to Turkey through the IPA and specifically the Environment Operational Programme and the Environment and Climate Action Sector Operational Programme.

It aimed to develop the administrative capacity for effective communication required under IPA I and IPA II and to inform and engage target external stakeholders on issues connected to the Operational Programmes and the available funding.

This was done by setting up a TAT in Ankara tasked with visibility and promotion activities, information dissemination activities, media relations activities and capacity building activities. - Bottom info