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Τechnical assistance for implementation of a Communication Action Plan, Turkey

Type of Services

The project focuses on the implementation of the following four activities which are solely conducted by LDK:

  • Visibility, promotion and image-building activities
  • Implementation of Communication Needs Assessment (CAN) Survey  with which we will determine the messages of the campaign and how the instruments of the campaign will be used.
  • Awareness Raising Campaign and Preparation of Events Calendar. The events calendar will be an electronic calendar which is part of the website described under Activity 2.

The following instruments will be formulated and used as part of the campaign:  

  • Visibility Guidelines will be prepared for beneficiaries on how the logos and slogan of the campaign will be used,
  • Newsletter - four issues to be prepared over a two year period which feature the latest news of the Department of European Investments (DoEUI) in relation to their activities under EOP and ESOP. The newsletter will also be sent to external stakeholders,
  • Publications such as Leaflets/Booklets (for the general public), Brochures (targeted to stakeholders), Posters, Banners, Project success stories, Book to be prepared. 
  • Documentary video, TV advertisement, Small scale videos /web video advertisement, Radio advertisements to be formulated.
  • Promotional materials – branded promo materials for the EOP and ESOP (cups, pins, umbrellas, power banks, usb sticks, key rings, bags, notepads, ecological folders and other such materials)


  • Information/Dissemination Activities
  • Updating the Existing Web-site – making a new website for the DoEUI, a cleaner website, more user friendly with a visual identity that follows that of the EOP and ESOP visibility, preparing new materials for the website especially news releases in both Turkish and English on the weekly activities of the department in order to promote the EU funded projects that the DoEUI manages.
  • E-newsletter – similar concept to that of the newsletter but available only electronically
  • Info-day Events – will be defined on completion of the 1st event and will be based on resilient cities
  • Workshops – will be defined on completion of the CNA
  • National Seminar - will be defined on completion of the CNA
  • Seminar on EOP Best Practices - will be defined on completion of the CNA


  • Dialogue and Interaction with Media
  • Database Creation – created a database with all newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio stations, websites, news agencies, NGOs in Turkey both on a national and regional/local level. This database has been completed in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation’s Press Department and will be used to disseminate the press announcements prepared under this activity
  • Press Releases – at least 30 press announcements will be made and distributed. The target will be local press and news agencies who have shown most interest in the activities of the DoEUI in order to maximise visibility of the works managed by this department
  • Preparation of Press Packs – 310 press packs will be prepared with financial information and attractive graphics which can be used in newspapers about the ongoing and foreseen projects under IPA I and IPA II. The press packs will be given in branded bags or ecological folders and will also include information about the specific event or activity at which they are disseminated as well as high quality photos of the Department’s Director and the Minister. A branded gift  will also be given to journalists.
  • Visits to sites with Journalists – three site visit will be arranged where journalists will be invited to visit successful projects which have been completed or are ongoing. The site visits will be organised in cooperation with the project stakeholders.
  • Interviews – Interviews will be arranged for the Director of the DoEUI as well as for project stakeholders (Mayors etc.) at local level in the press and possible on radio and television.
  • Monitoring media coverage and reporting – This activity is done in cooperation with the ministry but is targeted to the needs of the project and has already shown that local and regional journalists in the areas where the DoEUI’s projects are being implemented are active and interested.


  • Capacity building on publicity
  • Training  - one communication training on how to make a CAP and how to communicate your EU project has already been conducted to the staff of the DoEUI and a second one is foreseen and will also be targeted to stakeholders
  • Helpdesk – will be part of the website and will assist the applicants under ESOP
  • Revision of Communication Action Plan – foreseen for the last quarter of the project
  • Sectoral Monitoring Committee (SMC) Meetings – 3 have been held already


This project shall provide technical assistance to raise awareness among the target stakeholders and general public on the EU funding available for the environment to Turkey through the IPA and specifically the EOP and ESOP. It will develop the administrative capacity for effective communication required under IPA I and IPA II and will inform and engage target external stakeholders on issues connected to the Operational Programmes and the available funding.

This will be done by setting up a TAT in Ankara tasked with visibility and promotion activities, information dissemination activities, media relations activities and capacity building activities. - Bottom info