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“Technical Assistance for the Civil Society Dialogue-Parliamentary Exchange and Dialogue", Turkey

Type of Services

  • Development and implementation of a communication plan targeted at the main stakeholders and opinion makers in both Turkey and the EU.
  • Preparation of lists composed of MPs, MEPs, representatives from NGOs and local, youth and women members of political parties for all activities except the Exchange and Internship Programme
  • All logistical arrangements for the project events, held in Turkey (Ankara, Hatay, Istanbul-Edirne, Mardin-Urfa, Antalya, Van, Izmir, Nevsehir, Trabzon) and Europe (Vienna, Berlin, Paris), specifically: Three (3) symposia on gender issues, good governance and tolerance; three (3) symposia on the future prospects of EU-Turkey relations, terrorism and migrants;  three (3) dialogue fora on civil society dialogue between local politicians & NGOs and accession issues; thirty-six (36) bilateral exchange visits concerning the functioning of parliaments, women & youth representatives; two (2) inter-parliamentary summer camps conferences for youth and politics and youth and women of political parties and a kick-off and closing conference (high-level events, held within the GNAT premises in Ankara).
  • Design and production of printed materials for use at all types of events, including programme handbooks, general information booklets, guidelines, copies of speeches, minutes of meetings, background materials, brochures, leaflets, etc. following the EU visibility guidelines
  • Collection and presentation of edited documents, articles and news regarding EU activities of the GNAT
  • Update and maintenance of the current official website of the GNAT
  • Assistance for the preparation and issuing of the bilingual “Yeni Yıldız” magazine by collecting documents, articles and researching news, drafting and editing content of articles both in English and in Turkish and sending by post or electronically to local and European Member State stakeholders.
  • Development and implementation of a publicity and visibility including:
  • Production of leaflets, internet virals and other promotional materials
  • Organisation of press conferences and press tie-ins to symposia, visits and fora




The project has a dual purpose of contributing to a better knowledge and understanding between Turkey and the EU, and of raising awareness of the opportunities and challenges of Turkey’s EU accession through increased publicity and visibility.

The activities are directed at two audiences (a Turkish audience and an EU audience), within the two spheres of political and civil society interaction and aim at strengthening the Grand National Assembly’s (GNAT) role in the process of EU Accession by promoting dialogue between parliamentarians and political parties.

These activities include:

  • Development and implementation of a communication plan targeted at the general public and opinion makers to weaken the negative perceptions of the Turkish-EU accession process that still exist in certain segments of the society, achieve a stronger awareness of Turkey's accession to the EU, increase awareness within GNAT of EU matters, policies and the EU accession process, while increasing awareness within the EU of Turkey's civil society organisations and the work of the GNAT.
  • Organisation of symposia in order to bring closer together politicians from EU Member States and achieve a better understanding between EU countries and Turkey, establish bilateral exchange contacts among Members of Parliaments, members of political parties, NGOs,  improve the lines of communication and raise awareness between EU Member States and Turkey on the pre-determined issues of gender, youth and politics, terrorism, good governance, migrants and tolerance, but also establish a platform for sharing of knowledge and experiences on these issues.
  • Organisation of dialogue fora to increase awareness of the challenges and opportunities Turkey will face with accession to the EU, improve the knowledge from a local perspective with regards to the EU and the EU accession process, increase understanding of the problems faced by new EU Member States with regards to the negotiation process, the impact of the EU accession process and influence of EU accession on public life, increase  public awareness about the issues discussed and improve the public’s knowledge about the challenges and opportunities Turkey will confront.
  • Organisation of exchanges and internships in EU Member States in order to strengthen political and cultural dialogue between Turkey and EU, share experiences, provide information among party groups with influence over decision-making and society and improve understanding between participants of the functioning of the host parliament and host country culture
  • Organisation of Inter-Parliamentary Summer Camps Conferences to improve civil society development and dialogue between party groups, highlight the advantages of gender equality and youth in politics and increased civil society participation in politics by encouraging direct mechanisms among youth and women representatives.
  • Production of an archive of all the published documents, articles and news items regarding EU activities of the GNAT to have a record of how the GNAT’s on EU activities has been perceived by the media.
  • Launch of a website under the framework of the current official website of the GNAT to promote the visibility of the project and act as the main platform for the dissemination of information about project events, aims and activities.
  • Preparation and distribution of a quarterly bilingual  magazine containing information about the activities of GNAT pertaining to EU matters including EU policies and the EU accession process
  • Organisation of high-level kick-off and closing Conferences - Bottom info