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Civil Society Facility (Sivil Düşün II), Turkey

Type of Services

The services to be provided by the consortium include:

Activity 1: Advocacy and networking capacity building

  • Logistic support for booking and related costs of at least 800 economy class flight tickets to Europe from the closest airport of the participants' city of residence and at least 1,800 most time and logistically efficient economy class travels within Turkey (flight as a priority means of transportation) from the closest airport/station of the participants' city of residence;
  • Logistic support for booking and related costs of at least 1,920 overnight stays in at least 3 star hotels in Europe in the most convenient location (proximity and accessibility) to the event attended by the participant and at least 8,960 overnight stays in at least 4 star hotels in Turkey in the most convenient location (proximity and accessibility) to the event attended by the participant;
  • Logistic and administrative support for at least 520 visa or passport application processes and all related costs;
  • Event organisation services for networking among CSOs (including venue renting and catering for meals and coffee breaks) covering at least 4,300 participants;
  • Comprehensive interpretation services (including interpreters' fees, simultaneous interpretation booths and devices, etc.) of at least 88 event days;
  • Translation of at least 4,500 pages from an EU language to Turkish and/or from Turkish to an EU language as needed by CSOs;
  • visibility actions, including designs of visibility material (book, poster, brochure, etc.) website designs (including databases and hosting costs) printing of visibility material as needed by CSOs;

Activity 2: Visibility and awareness-raising

  • raise awareness on the opportunities offered by "Sivil Düşün" and mainstream in particular the "rights-based approach"; design and disseminate visibility material on Sivil Düşün in general and also on the results achieved through the various components;
  • Support the overall coordination of "Sivil Düşün", while ensuring coordination with other relevant EU projects (e.g. TACSO, "Strengthening Civil Society Development and Civil Society-Public Sector Cooperation in Turkey phase II" project, as well as with relevant Civil Society Dialogue projects, etc.) and provide input and necessary coordination with the Delegation's visibility expert when necessary;
  • Support the EUD in coaching and counselling civil society in establishing a pool of experts (in PR and communication, in PCM, in conducting surveys, etc.) as well as legal advisers, psychological and medical support whose expertise could be used by CSOs and activists on a demand basis - i.e. in-kind expertise/support to complement Activity 1.

Activity 3: Support the EUD in the implementation of the project management mechanisms

  • Support the EUD and the SC members in general in launching the call for interest to select the NGO representatives to the SCM;
  • Organisation and logistics, drafting of the agenda and the minutes of meetings;
  • Identify a specific focus to each meeting and accordingly develop an agenda;
  • Report in the format that highlights clear recommendations/conclusions;
  • Organisation and logistics of the Advisory Committee meetings will be covered by the TAT;
  • Support the EUD to conduct at least once a year a nation-wide consultation of CSOs on Sivil Düşün (e.g. one Advisory Committee meeting can be used for that purpose) and on EU programmes for civil society;
  • The inputs of consulted CSOs, together with that of the Advisory Committee will be recorded, published and used by the SC for confirming and fine-tuning the design of "Sivil Düşün" with particular regard to the 2nd and successive implementation years;
  • Develop ad hoc recommendations to the EU to improve Sivil Düşün Programme, as well as other EU civil society support programmes;
  • Drafting a report wrapping-up all lessons learned and recommendations will be prepared by the TAT.


The overall objective of the project is to improve the environment for active citizenship and to strengthen the capacity of organised active citizens.

The specific purpose of this contract is to support civil society networking and advocacy in Turkey as well as the EUD to Turkey in raising awareness of CSOs about the EU support to Civil Society through the Civil Society Facility (Sivil Düşün II) and ensure the visibility of its different components.

In order to achieve these results, the activities of the project will comprise firstly of a set of related assistance interventions in:

  • advocacy and networking capacity building (Component 1);
  • visibility & awareness-raising of the CSO interventions in the country (Component 2);
  • One of the measurable and important results will be achieved through continuous support to the EUD in the implementation of the project management mechanisms (Component 3).

The results to be achieved through this project are the following:

  • Increased support for networking of CSOs, as well as for interaction and mutual understanding between CSOs and public institutions.
  • Increased CSOs capacities to advocate and obtain legislation leading to broader, more transparent, more equitable private and public financial support to CSOs as well as to monitor the effective application of relevant legislation.
  • Increased organisational and funding raising capacities of CSOs.
  • Increased awareness and visibility of organised citizens and CSOs activities to promote the development of Civil Society.
  • Increased exchanges between civil society activities in Turkey and between Turkey, the EU, IPA and ENPI countries.
  • Adequate visibility in media and society of the EU support to Civil Society through the CSF-national window and of its different components. - Bottom info