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Integrated Information Systems for the Management and Protection of Copyrights, publicity actions, Greece

Type of Services

The services provided by LDK include:

  • Graphic design, typesetting, proofreading and publication of 13 different types of publications (11 guides and 2 law booklets)
  • Design and production of a compilation of the above publications on an electronic media (CD)
  • Graphic design of the advertorial
  • Organisation and logistics of the information seminar
  • Search engines optimisation


LDK was selected on a competition basis for the provision of services to the Hellenic Copyright Organisation for the implementation of their promotion and publicity activities, which include:

  • Drafting and publication of 9 different types of Intellectual Property Guides
  • Production of information booklets
  • Design of a press advertorial for magazines
  • Organisation of the information seminar
  • Promotional web campaign through search engines - Bottom info