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Development and improvement of the services of the Hellenic Open University Greece

Type of Services

Services provided by LDK include:

  • Elaboration of Action Plan
  • Upgrade and continuous update of the web-site
  • Organisation of a series of special events in the 6 major cities in Greece and of a concluding conference in Patras
  • Production of a variety of printed promotional material, e.g. booklets, brochures, posters, branded stationery items etc.
  • Design and production of a radio and a TV spot associated local media planning and buying


LDK was selected on a competition basis for the provision of services to the Hellenic Open University for the promotion of results of the project ''Development and improvement of the services of the Hellenic Open University'', including publicity of results of HOU and dissemination of information regarding the innovative teaching methodology and the distance-learning education products that HOU is developing. - Bottom info