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LDK Consultants participated in the Annual European Conference of FEACO (European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations) which was organized by SESMA (Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms) held in Athens on October 15th and 16th. The main theme of the conference was a new development model for Europe and the role of management consultants.

Stavros Damianidis, LDK’s Executive Director, a main panelist in the session “Challenges towards an outward-looking European economy” mentioned that

“The way to achieve an outward-looking culture is through hard work, vision, investment in getting to know the international markets and a systematic approach that can be only achieved with the presence of a formulated and measurable business plan. LDK grew to become a leading international engineering and development consultancy with a contribution of foreign sales to total sales at 90%, by sticking to its vision and winning small victories. We also learnt from our many mistakes and carried on with decisiveness and alliances with other companies of our sector”

Mr Damianidis concluded by stating that being Greek has had neither a positive nor a negative impact to the company. Its foreign collaborators and clients have always perceived LDK as an international consultancy which has just happened to be founded in Greece.

The annual conference was a high-caliber event, bringing together leading leading representatives of the industrial and services sectors in Greece with the Greek and international consulting world. - Bottom info