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Re-think Athens Project, Greece

Type of Services

  1. The scope of work for the MEP Utilities Infrastructure designs included the Preliminary Design, Detailed Design Development, and Construction Drawings of the following installations:
    Irrigation with Storm Water / Water Features recirculation - Plant rooms / Street and Square Lighting / Wireless Internet Access Wi-Fi / Kiosks plumbing connections / Kiosks electrical connections/ Bus lane speed camera system
  2. The scope of work for the MEP design of  the tramway extension included the Preliminary Design, and General Final Design of the following:
    Traction Power Simulation Study / Traction Power System infrastructure / Tram Vehicle Power System / Tram Overhead Line System / Earthing System & Stray Currents Study / Control and Communication System / Electrical & Mechanical Installations of Stops / Passenger Information System / Fare Collection System / Turnouts Mechanisms / Relocation of Trolley-Bus Overhead Power Lines


The “Re-think Athens” project is a multifaceted intervention, revitalizing the most central parts of the city. Its aim is to improve the quality of life for citizens through an environmental upgrade, a restitution of the urban environment, an improvement of the microclimate, and an eco-friendly means of transport that provides an inviting environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and much more.

LDK was involved  in the following:

  1. the design of all MEP Utilities Infrastructure
  2. the MEP design for the extension of the tramway through the pedestrian area adding 4 km of new lines and 3 new stops (double track, catenary free Tram line extension from Syntagma Square up to Aigyptou Square).
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