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We are active in a multitude of sectors from environment and water, to energy and climate change, buildings and infrastructure as well as socioeconomic development.

LDK provides engineering consultancy services since its establishment in 1968, elaborating designs for installations of buildings and infrastructure projects.


LDK has developed broad international experience in the energy sector, starting its energy consulting business in the '70s, following the international oil crisis and aiming to assist the development of energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources.


The Environmental department provides an integrated blend of technical and environmental services to a wide range of public and private clients, such as International Institutions and IFIs (European Commission, Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat, EIB, the World Bank), governments, agencies and companies.

Transport infrastructure

Engineering consulting for transport infrastructure projects is an important part of LDK's service portfolio.

Socioeconomic development

Since the early 1990s, LDK Consultants has been providing support for the strengthening, modernization and organizational reform of existing public sector bodies ranging from central government to local self-government units.

Information dissemination

LDK Consultants offers a wide range of services for the dissemination of information, communication and visibility. It has been successfully implementing projects for International Financial Institutions and public authorities, in countries within and outside the European Union, for over 25 years. - Bottom info - Home 2 Section