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LDK has been following the developments in solid waste management since the establishment of its Environment department. Waste management priorities have been raised from safe disposal to maximization of reuse or recycling and even further to waste prevention or reduction at source. A quite complex legislative framework has been developed seeking for waste – specific recycling and recovery targets to be met. To this effect, Waste Management Schemes are organised for specific waste streams, while means of treatment and safe disposal of waste remains the bottom line in solid waste management services.

We have assisted clients from the public and private sector in order to manage their waste, not only in accordance with the principles of the waste management hierarchy, but also, in compliance with the regulatory framework, referring to specific types of waste such as Hazardous Waste, Biodegradable Waste, End-of-Life Vehicles or Medical Waste.

LDK’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Preparation of Waste Management Plans and/or Schemes
  • Development of waste policies and guidelines
  • Assistance in specific waste streams management
  • Siting of waste facilities, using Decision Support Tools
  • Environmental Impact Assessment studies for all types of waste facilities
  • Feasibility Studies, Design, Tender Documents, Construction Supervision for Solid Waste Management Facilities (e.g. Transfer Stations, Material Recovery Facilities and Landfill sites)
  • Remediation of solid waste disposal sites
  • Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination - Bottom info - Home 2 Section