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Socioeconomic development

Since the early 1990s, LDK Consultants has been providing support for the strengthening, modernization and organizational reform of existing public sector bodies ranging from central government to local self-government units.

Within this framework, the company provides a wide range of services to the public sector, including planned and thorough needs analyses, business process re-engineering, strategic planning and goal-setting, implementation of training and capacity building activities, monitoring and evaluation of development and reform strategies. In addition to strengthening specific government authorities, LDK has been engaged in the establishment of new public sector bodies, preparing strategic and policy documents, providing organisation charts, proposing internal operating procedures and assisting in the physical and human resource set-up and capacity building of new agencies.

LDK has been providing technical assistance in regional development on behalf of the European Commission since immediately after the accession of Greece to the EEC, commencing with studies for Regional Energy Plans for three regions of Greece. In the 1990s, LDK provided technical assistance for the implementation of regional development policy in Greece in the Region of Sterea Hellas under the EC’s 2nd Community Structural Funds. Since then, the TA provided by LDK has focused on the pre-accession countries and covers a range of services from policy development through to implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Our services incorporate state-of-the-art tools and best practices drawn from a range of developmental contexts.

LDK promotes institutional co-operation between all key actors of each project which addresses the formulation and implementation of reform policies and institutional strengthening in accordance to the current government priorities and strategic axes. It is proven that such a consensus-building approach leads to solutions which are acceptable to all, and promotes the feeling of ownership of the project results - thus leading to the sustainability of the implemented activities after the termination of the project, and ensuring political, social and cultural compatibility within the country of implementation.

LDK is also engaged in the development of the social sector and provides assistance to institutions in designing and implementing projects dealing with the reintegration of disadvantaged and marginalized groups into society and the labour market, introduction of active labour market measures, promotion of employment and life-long learning and mainstreaming the needs of vulnerable groups in programme and project design and implementation. The projects in which we have been involved have addressed the development of social inclusion policies and have assisted national institutions in designing and implementing projects promoting cultural diversity and tolerance towards vulnerable social groups.

LDK has recently been working on projects seeking to create an enabling environment for cooperation between government and civil society, and to help allow Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) be important partners in forming, as well as implementing, policies and programmes, through advocacy, improved linkages with the wider CSO community, more effective and relevant activities and through promoting awareness and understanding of the role and potential of CSOs. In each case, national particularities are taken into account, and emphasis is placed on carefully adapting theoretical approaches and best practices to the specific local environment, the actual needs of the target groups, and the resources available.

Typical Services are :

  • Programme and Project Management
  • Institutional Capacity Building
  • Regional Development
  • Cross-border Co-operation
  • Grant Fund Management
  • Assistance to SMEs, Industries & Tourism
  • Procurement Evaluation & Monitoring


Key Contact:

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