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The overall objective of this project is the energy efficiency improvement and the thermal refurbishment of public buildings owned by the Municipality of Chisinau.

The project is funded by the EIB and will last until January 2018. LDK is assigned to provide the following services: a) Assist the Municipality of Chisinau on project preparation, b) Offer targeted support in project implementation, c) Offer institutional support in order to increase the technical capacity and awareness on EE issues in the Municipality of Chisinau.

During the mission in Chisinau twelve public buildings were visited in order to assess the buildings’ envelope condition, to carry out measurements of the buildings’ facades and to collect crucial energy data provided by the facility managers. Likewise meetings with the project coordinator on behalf of the Municipality of Chisinau took place aiming at the elaboration of a prioritized list of buildings and at the facilitation of works. Meetings with the local experts were held as well in order to integrate them in the project team and to assign duties.

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