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The LDK Consultants’ Environment Sector participated in the 51st European Symposium of Marine Biology (EMBS), organized by the Hellenic Center of Marine Research (HCMR) and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on 26-30 September 2016 in Rhodes Island, Greece.

LDK’s Environmental Engineers, Ms. Eleni Avramidi and Ms. Eleni Giamakidou have presented a poster (presented below) regarding the benthic survey which was conducted by the LDK and the University of Athens, for environmental licensing purposes, in the area of the existing and proposed oil drilling of Energean Company in the Gulf of Kavala, Greece.

During the Symposium, researchers and professors of marine biology from more than 29 European countries expressed their great interest in the LDK’s environmental survey which is to be published in a scientific journal soon.

For more info on the survey/poster please read abstract No 67:

The Environment Department is one of the 6 major sectors the company, along with engineering & project management, energy, transport infrastructure socioeconomic development consultancy and information dissemination.

It provides an integrated blend of technical and environmental services to a wide range of public and private clients, such as International Institutions and IFIs (European Commission, Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat, EIB, the World Bank), governments, agencies and companies.

The environmental services are covering projects in South-Eastern Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, Gulf countries (GCC) and Latin America.

LDK Consultants has 6 subsidiaries in Belgium, Cyprus, Kenya, Romania, Serbia and has successfully concluded more than 2.000 Projects in 110 countries worldwide.

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