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LDK Consultants has recently been granted an assignment to assist the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the organization of a joint EU-IFI mission to Armenia aiming to develop energy efficiency opportunities.

There is significant potential for energy performance improvement in the country, especially concerning the buildings sector and energy efficiency is among the most important priorities of the Armenian Government.
This Project is meant to help and guide the European Union donors, International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and the Armenian Government in identification and ranking of the highest priorities for intervention in the field of energy efficiency.
LDK Group has long lasting involvement on Armenia’s energy efficiency field.  Within this Project the company will first undertake a Gap Analysis that conducts a stocktaking of all accomplishments and bottlenecks in the field of energy efficiency policies, regulations, financing, institutional capacities and public outreach.
After comprehensive consultations with the EU and IFIs, this Gap Analysis will set the stage for the high-level dialogue on energy efficiency to be held in Yerevan at the end of 2018, seeking to conclude with a common set of priorities for intervention and development assistance.
The Project is expected to scale up already existing activities and materialize the agreement between EU and IFIs (European Investment Bank (EIB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), World Bank (WB, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)) to collaborate more actively towards assisting reforms and supporting investments on energy efficiency. Finally, LDK Consultants will monitor and report back to the EU and IFIs on the measured progress in identified priority EE directions in the buildings sector.

The Group has recently celebrated 50 years of operations and delivered 2,200 Projects, in more than 110 countries. Its Energy sector constitutes one of the 6 major lines of service, along with Engineering & Project Management, Environment, Transport Infrastructure, Socioeconomic Development Consultancy and Information Dissemination.
LDK Consultants is a Group of 11 consulting and engineering subsidiaries with offices in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Romania and Serbia.

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