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In 1968, LDK Consultants started a long and successful journey in setting its mark in pioneering and iconic projects of Sustainable Development.

This year, the Group is celebrating 55 years of operations by publishing a special Review, in which its milestone projects, as well as the recent ones, are presented.

LDK Consultants, the largest Greek consultancy group with 9 consulting and engineering companies in 3 continents, has designed and delivered almost three thousand state-of-the-art projects in 120 countries.

Mr Stavros Damianidis, CEO, on this 55th anniversary, emphasized the commitment of Mr Leonidas Damianidis, Founder and President of the Group, to the spirit of collaboration, quality of services and above all to the principles of sustainable development. Mr Damianidis had the luck to partner with two leading engineers Mr Dimitris Kirimlidis and Mr Christos Zacharias, and jointly create a model company that surpassed the frontiers of our small country. Their vision is inspiring our staff, who are providing excellent engineering and development consultancy services in 6 sectors: Engineering and Project Management, Energy, Transport Infrastructure, Environment, Information Dissemination and Socioeconomic Development. We are looking forward to the next 55 years!

LDK Consultants is a trusted partner of international funders, investors and policy makers and is contributing with its blend of expertise in engineering and policy advice; its constant collaboration with the public and private sector is undoubtedly promoting the sustainability of the economy and environment worldwide.

LDK Consultants is a Group of consulting and engineering companies with a foot in 3 continents and offices in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Jordan, Kenya, Romania, and Serbia.

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