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LDK Consultants has designed the first Greek forest path accessible to people with limited mobility in Parnitha mount (Athens, Greece), for the non-profit organisation Access to Nature’, in collaboration with the Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Athens (EOS Athinon) and the Bafi refuge.

LDK Consultants’ team of experts is committed to undertake and deliver studies that would benefit society as a whole and strengthen the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) pillars of corporate programs for a sustainable development, protection of environment and social inclusion.

Access to Nature’ is now seeking a sponsor to cover the construction of this accessible path.

Based on the related study, the amount of sponsorship would be 109.000 plus VAT.

Sponsor Benefits:

  • Sponsor’s sign at the start and finish point at Bafi Refuge;
  • Availability of a venue for 2 press conferences (sponsorship’s announcement) at the Bafi refuge;
  • Hosting a sponsor day/corporate meeting for the sponsor’s employees at the refuge (environmental tour, corporate activities);
  • Reference of the sponsor by the mountain guides of the “Trekking Hellas Parnitha”, the exclusive organiser of corporate and school programs at the Bafi and Flambouri refuges;
  • Reference of the sponsor in all Press Releases.

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Every year, thousands of people choose the Parnitha national forest for hiking and other mild activities.

The Greek state is taking the necessary steps to provide the opportunity to people with limited mobility to participate equally to similar activities, according to the National Action Plan for the Rights of the Disabled.

As a result, collaborations such as the one of LDK Consultants and ‘Access to Nature’ are proved beneficial for both physical and mental health of all citizens.

LDK Consultants is a trusted partner of international funders, investors and policy makers and is contributing with its blend of expertise in engineering and policy advice; its constant collaboration with the public and private sector is undoubtedly promoting the sustainability of the economy and environment worldwide.

The Group’s Environment sector constitutes one of the 6 major lines of service: Engineering & Project Management, Energy, Transport Infrastructure, Socioeconomic Development Consultancy, Information Dissemination.

LDK Consultants is a Group of consulting and engineering companies in 3 continents and offices in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Jordan, Kenya and Serbia.

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