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On the 5th of June, we celebrate the World Environment Day, as set by the United Nations since 1974. Actually, LDK Consultants is celebrating the Environment Day, Each and Every Day, by resolving complex environmental challenges since the early 90’s.

Environmental sustainability principles prescribed as a prerequisite in upcoming developments. Through its involvement in numerous infrastructure projects in in all countries the Group is actively operating, the use of its in-depth expertise to identify readily applicable and viable solutions in today's sustainability challenges, to respond to our clients' changing needs and critical infrastructure investments, has become a primary driver.

LDK Consultants’ environmental related services that are provided are: Impact Assessment (strategic- SEA) and project scale (ESIA); Vulnerability Risk Assessment; Industrial Pollution (assessment, prevention & control); Water Resources; Solid Waste Management; Wastewater and Sanitation; Climate Change and Environmental Policy & Institution.

LDK Consultants is currently incorporating the above practices in all engineering sectors (building utilities infrastructure, transport engineering and energy) in order to offer tailored and integrated services of high sustainability ranking.

Take a look and share our latest news and accomplishments: https://ldk.gr/, Annual Review 2021

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