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Through the new EU Marine Strategy, an integrated approach in the management of Marine Waters is launched, in line with the Water framework Directive (2000/60) which seeks for “good environmental status” of the marine water, through the definition of clear environmental standards or targets, the establishment of necessary measures and the development of suitable monitoring programmes.

Prior to the introduction of the Marine Strategy, the protection of the European Marine Environment was subject to an interspersed legislative framework, ranging from Conventions, such as the Barcelona Convention for the Mediterranean Sea, to EU Directives tackling specific aspects, such as the directive 91/271/EEC concerning pollution from municipal wastewaters.

We have extensively worked on pollution abatement from complex municipal and/or industrial pollution sources affecting the quality of the marine environment. Among else, we have provided support to DG Environment of the European Commission for the development of the Mediterranean Depollution Initiative "Horizon 2020", through the preparation of the roadmap with priority actions.

As part of the marine environment protection, special concern has also been given to accidental releases of oil and/or chemical substances. To this effect and among other initiatives, Contingency Plans have to be developed at Facility or Port level. LDK has been assigned by Port Authorities to develop such Contingency Plans.

LDK’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Management of Land Based Pollution sources: pollution load estimates, pollution prevention and abatement measures, monitoring programmes
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Coastal Activities, such as tourism resorts, ports or industrial facilities
  • Contingency Plans (Port or Facility level)
  • Marine water quality assessment
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management

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