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Protection of the Danube wetlands (Cama Dinu): Assessment and public awareness campaign, Romania
Protection of the Danube wetlands (Cama Dinu): Assessment and public awareness campaign, Romania

CATEGORY: Environment


START/END: 2003-2005

CLIENT: Romanian Ministry of European Integration


Protection of the Danube wetlands (Cama Dinu): Assessment and public awareness campaign, Romania

Type of Services

LDK Consultants provided following services:
- Assessment needs for the public awareness campaign together with the beneficiaries at the local, regional, and national level;
- Mass media awareness through:
- design and preparation of announcements in national news papers;
- design and preparation of written/audio/video presentations in the local/national media;
- design and preparation of 2 TV announcements in 3 national TV broadcasts;
- preparation of press briefings and press releases;
- design and preparation of a documentary on the biodiversity in the Cama Dinu area;
- design of the website of the project;
- promotional material;
- design and preparation of a success story brochure;
- design and preparation of presentation folders and brochures content the relevant data regarding the Cama Dinu Visitor's Centre;
- design, preparation and print promotional leaflets of the project activities;
- design information sheets;
- design posters, banners, with general information on the project;
- design corporate accessories (panels with the map of tourist routes on the Danube, access to the Cama Dinu area and Visitors' Centre, logo, template, letter head pages, gadgets, paper cases, pens, pins etc).


The overall objective of the project was to carry out a public awareness campaign in cooperation with the beneficiary, being the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Waters, Forests and Environment and the Ministry of European Integration (MoEI), based on a previous assessment of the project's need. The public awareness campaign referred to the pilot project for the area of Cama Dinu islets in Giurgiu area, in the wetlands of the Danube river.
The global objectives of the public awareness campaign were the following:
- to inform local population about biodiversity conservation and environmental protection in the Cama-Dinu Islets area;
- to increase public awareness concerning the need to protect the area;
- to direct the area potential for future eco-tourism.
The specific objectives of the project were structured at three target levels:
1+2. Local-regional level and national level:
- awareness of the local population with regards to the importance of protecting and maintaining the environment;
- dissemination and presentation of the project, its components and outputs at different occasions;
- promotion of the eco-tourism potential of the area.
3. Inter-regional / international level:
- highlighting the importance of this Pilot Project within the context of the Creation of the Lower Danube Green Corridor.

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