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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Issuing Environmental Terms for the new Onshore Katakolo Development Project, Greece
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Issuing Environmental Terms for the new Onshore Katakolo Development Project, Greece

CATEGORY: Environment, Impact Assessment

LOCATION: Katakolo, Greece

START/END: 2015 - 2022






Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for Issuing Environmental Terms for the new Onshore Katakolo Development Project, Greece

Type of Services

LDK has been contracted to carry out the environmental studies required for the environmental permitting and possible financing by international financing institutions (e.g. EBRD) for the Katakolo onshore production (drilling through extended reach drilling, ERD), process, storage, offshore loading and transport facilities including:

  • Collect data and review the existing baseline material (including gap analysis with relation to the already conducted environmental baseline report in two phases, prepared and submitted by a third party to Energean and the Ministry YPEN as part of the responsibilities raised from the Katakolo block lease agreement)
  • Conduct site visits
  • To take prepare and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) into two distinct stages a) Environmental Scoping Report and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report for the exploration well production well as well as support facilities including drilling, producing, accessing the land site, processing, crude oil offshore loading and transporting including:
    -    Identification of the area of influence
    -    Identify and cover all requirements springing out MD 170225/2014
    -    Identification of interdependent - specialist studies related to ESIA:

i.    Forest intervention permit (as applicable for access roads)

ii.   Baseline study as per IED regulations

iii.  Environmental baseline reports in the framework of the Katakolo block lease agreement

iv.  Sea outfall study

v.   Major Hazard Report (MHR) and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

  • HAZID (hazards identification – definition of the scenarios giving rise to major accidents),
  • Assessment of the likelihood or frequency of the defined scenarios
  • Assessment of the consequences, to people, associated with the defined scenarios
  • Combining the frequency and consequences to derive estimates of the numerical levels of risk
  • Risk assessment - comparison of the estimates of risk against risk tolerability criteria
  • Safety critical systems,
  • Modeling for accidents due to oil spills and releases to the atmosphere,
  • Safety measures – ALARP (as low as reasonably possible) – risk reduction strategies and emergency response, in accordance to Seveso 3 Directive

vi.  Other studies relevant to the project related to the design, safety, waste / wastewater management, prevention measures, emergency response plan, etc, as applicable

-    Environmental scoping and identification of potential impacts

-    Stakeholder engagement plan, focus group consultations

-    Environmental and social impact assessment

-    Preparation of Environmental and Social Management Plans

  • Compile the full ESIA as per the legislative requirements, EBRD’s performance requirements (PRs) and International Good Oilfield Practices and submit it to YPEN
  • Support the Company during the environmental permitting phase after ESIA submission
  • Defend and promote the Project during public hearing process and opinion expression  
  • Conduct all necessary follow-up activities for obtaining environmental permitting.


The goal of this project is the on-time issuing of the Terms of Environment (TOE - ΑΕΠΟ) for the Katakolo new Development Project by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy by the preparation and delivery on behalf of the Consultant of an Environmental Impact Study, divided into two distinct phases (Development Phase A – development on of the drilling well(s); Development Phase B - conversion into production well and development of site infrastructure and process facilities). The Consultant is responsible for following up the licensing process and the environmental obligations of the Company undertaken in article 12 of the L.4298/2014 by which it has been ratified the Katakolo Lease Agreement and for providing support during the consultation process. His obligation regarding final payment is completed by the issuance of the Terms of Environment (TOE - ΑΕΠΟ) by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) will be prepared in accordance with the Greek and European applicable Environmental legislation in force, including, but not limited to the approved Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Katakolo Concession Area, Ministerial Decision 170225 (Government Gazette B’ 135, 27.01.2014), Law 4014 (GG A’ 209, 21.09.2011), Ministerial Decision 1649/45 (GG B’ 45, 15.01.2014), Ministerial Decision 1958 (GG B’ 21, 13.01.2012), Law 855/1978 (GG A’ 235), and the Environmental Best Available Techniques, Good Oilfield Practices as well as EBRD Environmental & Social Policy handbook (May 2014).
The ESIA shall be submitted to the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy in order the Company to acquire approved Terms of Environment (TOE, ΑΕΠΟ). Consultant undertakes to support the Company until the final delivery of the TOE (AEΠΟ).

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