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LDK Consultants is one of the few multidisciplinary development consultancies adding value to our natural and built environment by combining engineering and policy making services. The Group operates worldwide in a multitude of developing and developed countries, having completed more that 2.200 projects in 110 countries in our history of 50 years of continuous sustainable development.

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Our job is all about excellent human resources and fine-tuned implementing methods. We have created a company culture which blends the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders with a human-centric engineering approach for societal change.

With over 50 years of experience in development and engineering consulting, the LDK Group has reached an unprecedented achievement: Zero client complaints and evaluation scores 5 out of 5 for the majority of the implemented projects. What better proof that our policy is indeed client-centered and that the competitive market conditions can be overcome with a positive spirit.

Our new subsidiary companies in Jordan and Ethiopia are the core development centers for providing engineering services in the water, environment, energy and building sectors in the Middle East and East Africa.

Our strong competence in energy regulation and energy efficiency has established us as leaders in transitional economies of Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus Region.

Our transport engineering focus in the gulf countries render us experts in our practice. We complement the above services with a strong socioeconomic fleur, focusing on stakeholders and civil society engagement.

Our policy of employing our own engineers and policy experts “on site”, has been proven to be a differentiating factor in our field of business where most of the expertise is outsourced.

Meanwhile, our strict screening of the companies and organisations we collaborate with, aims at building longterm relationships based on trust and long hours of work.

Our clients are demanding and so are we.

Stavros Damianidis


Athens, March 2019