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LDK Consultants is a multidisciplinary development consultancy, that provides engineering and policy making services.
The Group operates worldwide and have completed 2.500 projects of sustainable development in more than 50 years.

CEO’s Message

The year we left behind could be labelled as the ‘’Covid-19 Year’’, a year of disruption and re-invention in every social activity and type of business worldwide.  

Due to the pandemic, social distance was imposed and a new virtual reality emerged in the workplace.

Despite this new reality and the ten-year crisis of the Greek economy, LDK Consultants remained steadfast, showed flexibility and advanced in entering new markets.

The LDK Group achieved a remarkable business growth related to the hospitality sector, energy infrastructure, rail and road as well as urban redevelopment, refocusing in Greece. It also maintained a loyal clientele via its permanent presence in Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon and Serbia.

Our key aims is to stay safe and productive, to re-invent ourselves and digitise our business without losing our “human” character.

Stavros Damianidis


March 2021