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Organisation of Conference on Employment and Territorial Development “Mediterranean Economic Conference” Tunisia

Type of Services



LDK amongst other has been responsible for facilitating the visibility and promotional services for the Conference (D5-Visibility: Communication and promotion strategy website). Activities have included:

  • Drafting and implementation of a communication/media strategy to ensure maximum visibility of the Conference vis-à-vis its key audiences and ensure coverage of the Conference from the preparatory phase (to raise the awareness about the event), during the event and importantly after. The Action Plan accompanying the Communication Strategy included print advertising, media relations, social media, on-line advertising for the purpose of developing the brand reputation of the conference and ultimately of the UfMS.
  • Development, maintenance and management of the conference website:
  • Development of creative solutions for the conference logo and the visual identity (creative solution) of the conference in the form of Book of Graphic Standards where application of visual identity is applied to different conference materials eg.
  • Develop a 5-minute video on the Med4Jobs initiative.
  • Develop 8 short 45" videos of statements from protagonists from the Conference day itself – with footage used by the UfMS for future internal and external communication purposes;
  • Recording all the sessions of the conference and production of extracts totalling 3-10 min for each session, so as to create a simple summary video of each session within two days of receiving the UFMS input.

Other services included:Category A: Contract managementLDK provided the contract management for the Conference under the Scope of Work as below-mentioned, including all practical arrangements, preparatory meetings and presence on the spot, as well as reporting.

Category B: Individual Assistance: B.1 - Travels: booking, purchasing, changing, cancellation and delivery of travel tickets for sponsored participants; B2 - Assistance with obtaining visas for those participants who required so; B3 - Production and Distribution of invitations via e-mail. Follow up and confirmation of participation and B4 - Preparing name badges / conference kits including a booklet that served as a conference guide.

Category C: Support staff: C1 - Recruiting a moderator/ Master of ceremony; C2 - Team of hostesses/stewards; C3 – Interpreters; C4 – Translators; C5 – Photographer; C6 –Camera man; C7 - Note taking

Category D: Services D1 - Hotel bookings and payment (Provision of hotel recommendations and reservation assistance, in hotels close to the venue under the block-booking system for 110 participants.); D2 - Booking and hiring of an appropriate venue and related logistics; D3 - Rental of appropriate conference equipment; D4 – Transport: responsible for arranging transfers between airport, hotel and conference venue: D6 – Registration of all participants (on site and on line).

Category E: Supplies: E1 – Catering: organisation of catering during the Conference for 300 participants and for the support staff; E2 – Other supplies: Production of a backdrop, side panels and welcome packages.




In accordance with the conclusions of the EU-Tunisia Task Force meeting, that was held on September 29th 2011, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfMS) organised a two-day Conference on Employment and Territorial Development, in Tunisia.

The Conference covered two main challenges of Tunisia and of the wider Mediterranean region: job creation and promotion of territorial development.

The objective of this call for tender was for UfM to acquire high-level professional conference organizer services (PCO) to provide the appropriate logistics support for the organization and coordination of the Conference.

The place of the event was Tunis, Tunisia. Around 300 participants - representatives of European institutions, international organizations, government bodies (ministers, parliamentarians, senior officials, etc.), financial institutions, members of the media, the private sector, opinion leaders, and other important institutional organizations- attended the Conference. - Bottom info