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The Founder and President of the LDK Group, Mr. Leonidas Damianidis and the senior members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Christos Zacharias-Consulting Director, Mr. Dimitris Kirimlidis-Engineering Director, have participated in the company’s human resources New Year’s event.

The President in his welcome remarks expressed for once more the LDK’s vision in extroversion in terms of sustainable development and diversification of services.
“Since 1968, this vision has always served as “guideline” to our company’s goals: We expanded our activities, besides building infrastructure, to other sectors such as energy, environment and socioeconomic development. We provided high quality services according to the clientele’s needs. We created and kept a motivating corporate culture. Today, after almost 50 years of operations, we are proud to witness the LDK’s unanimous business recognition in the international markets.”

Mr. Stavros Damianidis, CEO of LDK Consultants, has underlined the fact that despite the prolonged economic crisis, the LDK group has been able to develop its activities which contributed to stable revenues (€12 million per annum).
“The reason is obvious; LDK has always followed proactive steps businesswise; a strategy that proved to be highly beneficial.
The dangerous economic “viruses” already spread in Greece and worldwide, must be confronted by changing our working process in order to further develop our activities in new markets. LDK has also managed to keep the same number of personnel (100) as the one in 2007 before the crisis.
LDK is now a Group of 9 consulting and engineering companies with offices in Athens, Bucharest, Belgrade, Brussels, Limassol and Nairobi and has successfully concluded more than 2,000 Projects in 110 countries worldwide. It offers its services to the International Funding Institutions and donor community, ministries and regulatory authorities, as well as large multinational industries, hotel and real estate developers, contractors and constructors.”
Mr. Stavros Damianidis concluded: “One could argue that we are far from perfection, yet every year our LDK Team is ameliorating its technical assistance and provided services in order to achieve the optimum level of excellence. We have to thank you for your dedication to our company’s vision.”

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