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The Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA) as the authority responsible for the management of exploration and identification rights of suitable OffshoreWindFarm Organized Development Areas, announced the draft National Offshore Wind Farms Development Programme, at an event held in Athens, on October the 31st, 2023, in the presence of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Thodoros Skylakakis, the Deputy Minister, Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou and the Secretary General of Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Aristotle Aivaliotis.

At the forefront of offshore RES development in Greece, LDK Consultants participated to the event, during which Constantinos Nicolopoulos, Head of the Environment & Water Division at LDK, presented the Strategic EnvironmentalImpact Assessment (SEIA) of the first National Offshore Wind Farms Development Programme that was conducted with a strong commitment to ensuring the integration of Environmental and Climate dimensions of Sustainability in future Offshore Wind Farm investments.

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are at the core of answering the ongoing climate crisis and delivering the European Green Deal. The deployment of OffshoreWindEnergy has the potential to supply cheap, clean, renewable energy, for the acceleration of the GreenTransition and the reduction of dependency on energy imports.

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