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LDK Consultants is proud to announce the completion of the Environmental And Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process for the “Epirus-1” exploration drilling project, following extensive Public Consultation, by the issuance of the decision of approval of the environmental permit by the Directorate of Environmental Licensing (DIPA) of the Hellenic Ministry Of Environment and Energy. The decision specifies in detail the environmental commitments that the Company will uphold throughout activity implementation.

Natural Gas is an important steppingstone to transition away from coal and towards sustainable, green energy systems; it is also key to enhancing Security of Supply and Energy Autonomy at national and EU levels, during these challenging times.

LDK’s dedicated interdisciplinary team of experts, under the skilled coordination of @Constantinos Nicolopoulos, Head of the Environment & Water Division, conducted the ESIA of the “Epirus-1” Exploratory Well, guided by industry best practices and upholding the highest environmental standards, to ensure this significant @Energean project represents an opportunity for the economy and society to create a new perspective of development.

Recognizing the need to give balanced consideration to the exceptionally complex nature of the project, and going beyond compliance, the ESIA integrates a Qualitative Risk Assessment, a Socio-Economic Cost Benefit Analysis and a Health Impact Assessment, to ensure the project contributes to a Sustainable Development, with minimized impacts on the environment, and positive outcomes for societies as a whole.

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