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The Environmental department provides an integrated blend of technical and environmental services to a wide range of public and private clients, such as International Institutions and IFIs (European Commission, Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat, EIB, the World Bank), governments, agencies and companies.

We have implemented a number of projects in Greece and abroad covering the wide geographic region of south-Eastern Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, Gulf countries (GCC), and Latin America. Our services span from environmental municipal infrastructure, industrial pollution, water resources management, marine environment to Environmental & Social Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for programmes, projects and activities, and policy formulation and implementation, taking into consideration global environmental issues, such as climate change.

An important cornerstone is our technical assistance services to the environmental municipal infrastructure sector covering the sub-sectors of water supply, wastewater and networks and solid waste management. Our efforts concentrate in delivering sustainable infrastructure and services, and at the same time attaining environmental and social sustainability. The promotion of private sector participation in the aforementioned sub-sectors through structured Public Private Partnerships (“PPPs”) demonstrates one of our complementary services.

LDK also offers services related to industrial pollution, assisting private companies in improving their environmental performance and ensuring full compliance with the regulatory framework. We have conducted numerous environmental due diligence audits for industrial and commercial facilities all over Greece and abroad assessing the environmental liability of operators and compliance with environmental legislation

Furthermore, LDK follows closely the trends and developments taking place in under the water resources agenda and holds experience in the key areas of Water Demand Management, Implementation of Water Framework Directive, Water Quality Assessment , River Basin Management Plans, Pollution Assessment and Control, Water Quality Assessment, Drought Management, Water treatment and supply, Desalination technology, Application of water models (hydraulics, groundwater, water quality), Application of Decision Support System, and Institutional Strengthening of water utilities.

Our seas and oceans are under pressure from pollution. In response to the disruption of the vulnerable balance of the marine environment, the European Union has adopted a vital legal instrument, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, that aims to protect and manage our seas and oceans in a sustainable way. The Marine Directive responds to the UNEP/MAP Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution (Barcelona Convention) and supports cooperation among Member States with neighbouring countries that share common waters. LDK has extensively worked on pollution abatement from complex municipal and/or industrial pollution sources affecting the quality of the marine environment. Since 2006 we have been provided support to DG Environment of the European Commission for the development of the roadmap of Horizon 2020 Initiative until today.

We are in the meantime striving for sustainable best practices to be embedded in all aspects of development and assist decision makers think through the consequences of their actions by offering a well-balanced mix of environmental and socioeconomic options. LDK has extensive experience in EIA, environmental permitting and SEA together with an in-depth understanding of the issues associated with developmental activities and sectors such as energy, transport, infrastructure, tourism activities, new or existing industrial facilities, large development projects.

LDK keeps developing further in one of its strongest areas: policy advice and capacity building.Through our involvement in a number of increasingly complex and, at times, sensitive transition economies we are well placed to understand and articulate their concerns and assist them seizing the opportunity to set their future policy on a more sustainable trajectory. We develop options and assess alternatives grounded in the needs of clients. We try to build bridges between policy and practice and link different perspectives. We are involved in the process of reforming institutions, building their capacity and knowledge, and promoting good governance. In order to shape common visions and positions, engagement with people and public consultations, transfer of know-how and dialogue facilitation are key areas of our expertise.

In collaboration with our Energy Department we provide a complete set of consulting services on Climate Change Mitigation to our clients not only to comply with statutory requirements but also to measure and reduce their carbon footprint and improve their carbon performance. We also work together with our Socio-economic Development Department to establish successful Climate Awareness Programmes and disseminate the work that has been taking place on the ground and shed light on the challenges that lay ahead to address the causes and effects of climate change.

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